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Okay, so it's not my B-day anymore, technically, but I don't care. I had a decent day. I got to see my new nephew, Ayden, for the first time. I got to watch the Boca Juniors win their game! And, for the first time in years, I didn't have to make my own b-day cake. Well, cupcakes.

Piccies under here )

And with that, I should be getting to bed. I have a Drs. appt. in the morning. But at least I get a free B-day Rooty Tooty Fresh 'N Fruity at IHOP on my way home. Yay.


Sep. 28th, 2011 08:56 pm
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That is all.

*From THIS video.


Jun. 5th, 2011 07:56 pm
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*Signed* William Shatner dressing room door sign from The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien

Two of the things I'm a giant Nerd about in ONE ITEM! Why, oh why don't I have $700 lying around?!?
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[152] Anderson Cooper

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most of whom will be away from the computer tomorrow.

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It's been 2 months since my last real update and a month since the last meme, so I should really get on this. I actually meant to update about a month ago, but I just kept putting it off.

cut for the sake of your f-lists. )

And that's all I can think of for now.


Jun. 2nd, 2010 05:37 pm
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I bring you some icon variations.


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I typed this all out last night, but the stupid videos on Photobucket broke my code, so I had to go type it all out again. Hopefully it works this time.
May 21, 2010 is the best night of my life so far. Not that it started out that way, though. I need to start a few days earlier, though. On Wednesday, my Grandma and Uncle (step-grandpa) were going up to Mom's house to take her some stuff they had picked up for her. Since they were going up and my brother Austin was going to have to come pick me up for the show, my Mom had the idea to try and get my Grandma to bring me up. She called her and set it up and then I got a call to be ready b/c my Uncle would be here to pick me up in about an hour. So, I gathered up a couple of changes of clothes and my meds and books and got dressed. Uncle came to pick me up and we went to their house and switched to the car to drive up to Michigan. I stayed up there until we left for the show Friday evening. I got the entire house to myself on Thursday b/c both Mom and David had to work, like ALL day.

So, Friday evening when we left, it had just started raining. It was POURING by the time we got to East Lansing. I had to spend the only cash I had on parking. And most of it was supposed to be for an "I'm With CoCo" wristband. Austin let me out in front of The Breslin Center, but they didn't have Gate A open, so I had to hobble as quickly as I could around the side to Gate B. Needless to say, by the time I got there I was SOAKED. My entire shirt and the whole back of my pants. Of course, I had no jacket. But even the people with umbrellas were pretty soaked. The doors opened just as I walked up there, which was actually about 15-20 minutes late. So, we get inside and find our section. When Austin got the tickets from his friend, he found out his friend was mistaken and it wasn't 8th row, but 8th row in section 109. Luckily, section 109, row 8 was really close to the floor, about halfway back from the stage, so we still had pretty good seats. We were going to go to the seats and Austin was going to go back up to the merch table and get himself a shirt and my wristband, but then he realized that he'd left his wallet in the car. It was a while until showtime, so he figured he'd go out to the car and get it. Well, he went and even got a smoking pass, but the woman wouldn't let him go out. So, I didn't get my wristband. :( I was just going to order it off the Team Coco webstore, but the shipping is more than the band! A wristband that would have cost me $5 at the show would cost me almost $13 off the site. Conan, you know I love you, but I am NOT paying that much money for a rubber band. A flat-rate shipping envelope/box costs less than $5, how is shipping almost $8?

Anyway, we were disappointed, but we were still at the show, so it wasn't too big a deal. The show started a bit late, seeing as the doors opened late, but I was watching the stage, seeing who I could see on the edge. I was watching for Bley coming out onstage to take pics. At one point I noticed Mike Sweeney come out on the floor and head to the back to talk to the sound/light guys, so I had Austin get a pic of him. Jeff Ross also came out and he got a couple pics of him, but I couldn't find them on the card. :( Of course, he got Bley.

The rest cut for length and massive amounts of large pics. :) )

And that is my Legally Prohibited Tour report. It was a great show, much fun was had.

Oh, yeah. More Pics and some vids on my Photobucket.
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I haven't posted a real update since March 22? Wow. I don't know where my head has been.

Mostly a health update. Again. I'm sure you guys are getting sick of all the health crap, but I figure I need this stuff documented anyway. And I'm sure there are a few who might care what's going on. (Sorry. That's the depression talking.)

So, I've seen the Doctor since the last post. He reduced the prednisone a little. Also, I told him about the couple weeks of insomnia I was having and he gave me a Rx for Amitriptyline to take before bed. I haven't gotten it yet. I've been sleeping a little better again, but who knows how long that will last. He also told me NOT to take any naps. He's having me come in in a couple weeks and having me see the pharmacy people so they can teach me how to give myself the MTX injections. He's going to try to send me home with the vials of meds so I don't have to pay out of pocket for it. That way I only have to go up there once a month to see him. He'd give me the vials for the next month then.

Speaking of Rx-es, I just found out yesterday that since 2005 that Ohio has had a Rx discount program for uninsured people. It happens to cover all but my new med. According to the site, I can get my meds for nearly half what I've been paying for them. That will REALLY be a help this month. I have to pay out SO MUCH this month that I'm only going to have about $100 for food all month. Looks like I'll be having a LOT of leftovers. That's okay, though.

Also, I'm in the middle of making my brother's costume for ACEN this year. I have about a day's work left on it. (I really should get going on that so I can get it pretty much finished tonight.) Then next week I have to do Corie's. They're both going as characters from Trinity Blood
pics under the cut to save space. )
I only have to finish the cape and collar on Paul's, then do a little hemming, add the zipper and the white trim and I'm done. Then I'm taking a day or two off because the chair I have to sit in to sew kills my back and the standing kills my back and legs. And The motions of sewing are making my wrists swell and hurt. And my eyes are getting strained in the terrible lighting in the dining room. Well, it's fine, except where I need to sit in order to have space to work.

20 DAYS TILL CONAN! I CAN'T WAIT! I can't help but keep wondering who the special guest is going to be. In every city they've had special guests. Most are natives of the city/area the show is in. I can only think of one person that it could be. Ted Nugent. And that would be AWESOME. Besides the fact that I've seen Ted twice, I just think he's hilarious. And we've seen evidence of Conan/Ted awesomeness before.

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I bring you bearded!Conan. :)

Cuteness overload under the cut. )

The outfit in that first one is so tragic. LOL

And those last ones are SOOO CUTE. OMG. I love the over-sun-screened face there, Coco. And his hair in those first two dolphin ones...*grabby hands*

O.M.G. I just realized that in that second dolphin pic, he kinda looks like Glen Hansard. That somehow just made them BOTH hotter.

Alright. I think it's time for bed. I'm about to swoon. ^_^

(p.s. Thanks to Anita for the link to the second pic. hadn't seen it yet.)
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I'm going to start off with something good.

A couple nights ago I had a strange dream. I was in what appeared to be a motor home with a bunch of people, some of whom were ST Reboot cast members. We were rehearsing what had to have been a scene from the sequel. We arrived at some building where we were helping with the writing/characterizations for the sequel. It was a school, I think. We had lockers in the hall and there were school desks in the room we were in. Everyone was sharing desks because there were only a few. In fact, I was sharing with Zachary Quinto and I-can't-remember-who. We were all talking about scenes or characters while one of the writers, or maybe it was J.J., stood there just taking it all in. I was squeezed onto the end of our desk until I realized the desk in front of us was free, so I moved there and turned around to continue my conversation with ZQ & Whomever. The really strange thing was I couldn't figure out who I was supposed to be. During our rehearsal in the motor home I specifically remember being called "Number One". But then, when we were in the room, I got the distinct feeling that I was supposed to be Spock. Which was part of the reason I was working with ZQ. But I was still female. The best I can figure is I was part of a weird mirror/alternate universe where Spock was a woman and Kirk called her "Number One", like the original first officer in "The Cage". I'm still puzzled. But I will FREAK OUT if the any of the Reboot sequels has a mirror/AU at all like that.


And OMG, the wank. Seriously. Why do some people have to take a perfectly nice community and ruin it with their wank? A mod should NOT act like that. You're a Moderator, not a Dictator. You're there to moderate. No one was harming anyone. A quiet, kind word would have gotten a better effect that your rude demands.

On a related note, I am now the maintainer/co-mod of a new community: [ profile] conan_unrated. You know, I actually like being a mod. maybe it's because the two places I mod are fun. And Conan related. :)
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Thanks to [ profile] muir_wolf for the prompt. :D

Ridin' Dirty found over at my writing journal, [ profile] it_may_show

I'll probably be writing more over the next few weeks. Definitely over the next few months. Already working on one.


Jan. 31st, 2010 05:02 pm
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Subject: Conan/Leno/NBC Debacle
Title: Invincible; a Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien fanmix
Stats: zip file 64 MB
Notes: Thanks to the members of conan_obrien @

And tonight we can truly say, Together we're invincible )

Please comment if downloading. I'd like to know how many have it.

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EMBED-Hitler Weighs in on the OBrien/Leno Controversy - Watch more free videos

(also, taking a break from the new ST mood theme for the Conan mood theme until this DEBACLE is over.)
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First, before I forget, I had a very...odd? dream last night. Like, it wasn't totally weird, but it was one of those ones where you feel weird after you wake up. But maybe no one knows what I mean. IDK, it's hard to put into words. Anyway, so I'm standing on a street and for some reason I can see inside the Tonight Show studio. And they're recording that night's episode. Well, for some reason Andy or someone says something to me/asks me something and I answer. Conan apparently liked the answer, because he started asking me questions, the first was who's your favorite founding father? To which I answered "Jefferson" without hesitation. (IDK. *shrugs*) With a smile on his face and heading back to the desk he says, "alright", or something to that effect and then continues talking to me. The next thing I know, I'm waking up (in the dream) and start telling people about the dream. Because it felt so real, I want to make sure I and others watch, just in case. Then Corie finds this notebook open to these pages that have Conan's and my exact dialogue from the dream in it. Now I'm more convinced than ever to watch the episode, because something is just weird. And of course, just before it's time for the episode to start, I wake up irl.

Ooh. I never mentioned it before, but my cousin told me about SafeLink Wireless after she saw a commercial. SafeLink is a government program for low income people to get a free phone and free minutes every month so you have a way to stay in contact. You get one of two cheap, simple phones and 68 minutes a month. Though you can add minutes on your own. They go through TracFone, though, and TracFone has the most ridiculously expensive minutes out there. They're supposed to be coming out with SafeLink airtime cards soon and I can only hope they're at least a little more affordable than TracFone. You get service time for a year, at the end of which you have to re-apply. I had heard a vague mention of it some time ago, but wasn't sure what it was all about. So I went onto the website and decided to apply. I got ok'd and just a couple days ago I got my phone. It's really cheap and has NO bells and whistles and only 68 minutes a month, but it's something I can use when I'm home and no one else is there and I need to call the Dr or something. It's basically only good for making and receiving calls. And you can text.

Did I ever mention that I got my denial from SSI? Because I did, back in October. I applied for an appeal. I also got a lawyer. She actually got my aunt her disability after she'd been denied several times over 2 years. I still need to get one paper in to her before she formally accepts the case, but she said, with my Dr.'s cooperation, it looks like I have a good chance.

Also, I'm still waiting to hear from my Job & Family Services caseworker to see if I'll be getting medicaid. I should really call her and ask tomorrow.

Let's see, phone, SSI, Medicaid...that's all i was thinking of last night...No it wasn't. One more thing.

One of the cats (kitten, really) over here died yesterday. Or more accurately got killed. Okay, accidentally killed by Thomas. rest under a cut for those who would like to avoid it )
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So, Corie and I were decorating Christmas cookies b/c the kids gave up on them after about a dozen. I decided I was going to get creative with one of the (sugar cookie) 'gingerbread' men. I decided one must be made into Conan. I spent a ridiculous amount of time making the right color of frosting for his hair. Especially considering how little I needed. And I sat there picking out just the right size blue and green sprinkles for his tie.

The pic was taken on dad's cell so it's kind of crappy quality. And Ryan had picked it up to move it, so his hair is kinda flattened and lost some of the pomp. But you get the idea.

I'm waiting to eat him when I make my cocoa. I bet he will be delicious. XD


Nov. 23rd, 2009 11:55 am
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I think this is my new fave icon. Made from the HOTTEST pic I've seen in a while. Seriously. It has me totally undone.

cut for size )
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