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for anyone that does memes.

Can anyone link me to any of their posts where they did one of those 'write it out on paper and post a picture of it' memes? I've been wanting to do them for a while, but the camera was missing. Now it's found and I'm going to have it out later today, so now is the perfect time to do them.


Jun. 26th, 2011 03:34 am
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Pauly and Corie brought it over from the house for me. I can't wait to sleep on it tonight.

Now, I have a question for you guys.

Should I stay here? Like, move in here? Corie suggested it a couple weeks back. So should I? It would make things easier. There's a car here. And a phone. And the internet. And no Neal. (Remember him? He's the one that bashed my leg with a shotgun butt and dented the bone.) Neal and his GF are living at the house now. I like her fine (much better than his ex-wife), but he's still kind of an a-hole. Part of me wants to go back to the house because then I'd have a big room to myself. I have less room here, but I have all that other stuff. Everyday, a little more of me says to stay here. I'm about 70-30 for here right now. Should I go ahead and have Pauly go pick up the rest of my stuff sometime, or hold of a little longer?
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How do you even try to justify being so selfish you'll leave people without a refrigerator/freezer when you're going to have a perfectly good one lying around? And you're excuse is, "That one is too nice to give to you." And you think it's perfectly alright to be that selfish/shallow and don't really see it as such. WTF?
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So, Corie's out here watching "Clean House" and we started discussing how they go through your stuff and see what they can sell to get money to fix things up and/or get new stuff (which seems futile to me, but...)

Corie was saying how she would get rid of anything to get nicer stuff or things like curtains/carpet for the house. Pauly and I agreed that there are certain things we would NOT sell, no matter what. She brought up that on the show they would ask me if they could sell my china cabinet. I told her that I'd tell them "If you touch it, your hand will be lost." And I mean it. I hav vowed to severely harm anyone that tried to do something with it. She was saying she'd easiy get rid of it because it could get money. No regard for the fact that it ws my grandma's and was a fixture of my childhood and has been promised to me since I was born. If it was up to her, she'd get rid of it. She also said if it was up to her, she'd get rid of brother's 250-300 records. We were both flabberghasted at that. Espescially coming from someone that supposedly likes music. She listens to music all the time, but she'd easliy get rid of all those records. Wha?? "but they look ugly in those plastic crates and they take up space. They're just wasting space." #1, they're purposely in those crates. Records belong in crates! #2, there's no such thing as records wasting space. She said she'd get rid of the records and use the money for things the house needs like curtains or carpeting. Huh? How do you trade awesome records for stupid, plain old curtains?

We were asking how she can NOT have anything she wouldn't get attached to and keep. She brought up living with deadbeat cousin who would refuse to buy food and things for the kids so she had to sell anything she had long ago. Now she refuses to form an attachment. I think that's not human, but...

Anyway, I was wondering how you all felt. Would you easily and readily get rid of anything and everything you had for some money? Or are there some things you'd have to be convinced to get rid of? Never get rid of no matter what?
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Or I should say, how crazy is it to write a letter to someone of things you can't, for some reason or another (I'm not going into details), tell them and then burning it so no one else sees it?
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Is it wrong to create a fake MySpace in order to get a specific person to do/say something so you have proof without them knowing? Even if it's mostly just for your own satisfaction?

Oh, and totally be RPing it and enjoy the RP aspect with only one other person knowing you're not that person? Like messaging each other back and forth, in character?

Checking in

Apr. 3rd, 2008 09:41 pm
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So, Ryan ended up waking up the next day after my last post totally fine. But Robbie was sick, all that day. Unlike Ryan, he actually slept. He was fine yesterday. Corie was sick, today. I'm still a little sick. Still a slight infection, but nothing terrible. Hopefully by the end of the weekend I'll be fine.

Urgh. So, I want to write a Beatle slash with George and Ringo. I'm having a bit of trouble deciding how... sexual to actually make it. Do I want to simply imply (you know, keep my little innocent Georgie innocent), do I want a little kissing/touching (I actually have a little scene worked out for that), or do I want all out sex? Keep in mind, it's to take place in about '61 when the Beatles came back to Hamburg (as did Rory Storm & the Hurricanes) after George being deported the year before for only being 17, so he's only just 18 and Ringo is 21. Thoughts?

Anything else? Hmmmm... Actually, I think, that's it for right now.

*Did I just say "actually" as many times as I think I did?
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So, I haven't read the interview, but I think people are over-reacting a bit with this whole boycott thing. Yes, communication is key in a business. Yes, users should be informed of changes before they happen. Yes, LJ has been a bit lax on those things recently. Every company has their faults. Every company has times they lack. I just think the whole thing is being over-exaggerated. And everyone starting Insane Journals because of it? Maybe it's the conspiracy theorist in me, but did someone from Insane Journal make the first post about moving over there? Come on. What are the chances EVERYONE who's "fed-up" with LJ lately just happens upon Insane Journal?

Onto the things (that I know of) that people seem to be boycotting for.
1) Fanfics being "targeted" by the filter. Guess what, it's all been fixed and is back to normal. Already taken care of. No need to boycott for it.
2) No new Basic accounts. Umm...How many of you actually have a Basic account? And how many of them have been created recently? How many were planning to create a new Basic account in the future? Exactly. I thought so. Are the ads really THAT much of a problem? If you have that much of a problem with ads, you'd better just turn off that computer you're sitting at and get off the internet.

Okay. I just read the interview. I think people are blowing it out of proportion. People are all, "he's saying the boycott is blackmail". Um...isn't it? You're saying, if you don't do what we want, we're leaving. I do believe that's the working definition of blackmail. (brother just pointed out that that would technically be extortion, but...) I think these people are just mad that they're being called out.

Anyway, I don't plan on participating in the boycott and I think it's not going to work. If I happen to not post on Friday, it's totally coincidental. In fact, I may try to post on purpose. Just because I think the boycott is pointless and stupid.

[ETA]If you disagree, if you agree, please feel free to state your opinion and why. I'm not going to jump on you for it.[/ETA]
domino43: (Depressed) it normal to love a song, but have it make you rather angry everytime you hear it? And you still insist on listening to it?

Everytime I hear Layla by Eric Clapton, I get mad. Especially at the line:

I tried to give you consolation
When your old man had let you down.

Not angry at him, angry at her. For the uninitiated, I mean Pattie Boyd-Harrison-Clapton. He wrote it for her while she was still married to my Georgie. I love the song, especially the MTV Unplugged version. Unfortunately, I get mad whenever I hear it.

I also get angry when I hear his song Wonderful Tonight. It's about her, too. Of course I get more angry about that one for a totally different reason, as well...
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Is there something going on internationally the last couple days that I don't know about? It seems like there's no one on the internet. All over LJ, all over boards...nothing. Especially today. What's going on?


Nov. 7th, 2007 08:22 am
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I've been thinking of posting some of my old fics on here. I guess kind of to see how/if I've improved over the years, partly because I kind of like some of my old stuff. Also, since I haven't really been writing a lot lately, I thought maybe it would help me get in the mood. But since you guys are the one who read this, I want to know what YOU think.
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I just saw that a couple of you made voice posts using this new 1-888 number... Why didn't I hear about this? Okay, I know why, I haven't been around. But why can't I find it anywhere?
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Does one go about getting people to pose for partially nude pics for some art pieces when you practically know no one you're not related to? And has no money to pay students that would be willing to do it?


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