Dec. 18th, 2009 06:06 am
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I've been sitting here with the update window open for a couple hours now. I really don't know why I haven't just written the entry and hit post. Every time I get ready to I just... don't.

I guess I should start with the fact that dad was in the hospital for 5 days starting last Wednesday night after he got off work. He felt an infection in his leg and went in so he could get an IV antibiotic in the ER like he has to from time to time. He never ended up showing up afterward. Tried calling him all day Thursday, but his phone would go straight to voice mail and he never called. I figured they probably kept him overnight, as they often do. He never showed up that night or Friday either. I called his phone again Friday a few times, same result. I finally decided to call the hospital to see if he was admitted. They just connected me to his room. He said he hadn't called b/c he didn't know if brother's number was considered local or not and his phone was almost dead. They did some cultures, which didn't come back until Saturday. Meanwhile, they kept switching up his antibiotic to find one that would work. Turns out he had MRSA. And it was in his blood. They were worried it would get (or may have gotten) to his brain. The Dr. told him that if he had gone home and gotten a high fever, he could have passed out and never woken up. Guess it's a good thing he felt that infection and went in. They had him on IV antibiotics until early Monday evening. Like, he was supposed to be checking out, but they pumped 2 more bags into him in about 3 hours just to be safe. They sent him with a Rx for an antibiotic.

I had MTX shot #10 Wednesday. Also had a follow-up with the podiatry clinic. Not the same Dr. I'd been seeing, since he was out, but the other one. Anyway, my toe was slightly infected so he put me on an antibiotic. Funnily enough, it's the same antibiotic Dad is on. I'm still torn about it. I mean, I had to pay for it, which I don't with Keflex. It was only $7 for 10 days, though. Also, it doesn't give me, what I've dubbed 'Keflex breath'. That's definitely good. BUT. You can't have dairy within 2 hours of taking it. Before or after. Of course, I was told this after I got some ice cream. And dad bought cream pies. And I realized nearly everything around here to eat is LOADED with dairy. Yeah, it's been a fun couple of days trying to work around that. And I've got 8 more days. fun.

Gonna be watching the kids tomorrow and most of Saturday. They're going to a concert tomorrow night up in Detroit and then staying the night so they can go over to mom's (halfway across the state) to go pick up the presents she got the kids since she's extra busy at work. She's not going to get any time off until January. They're going to love the gifts. She got them bikes and Snuggies. They have been asking for Snuggies forever.

As usual, when I thought of this post earlier, I had other things I wanted to say, but I can't think of it now that I'm actually typing. Figures.


Jul. 17th, 2009 03:33 pm
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Got my toe taken care of this morning. Woot! \o/ The podiatrist cut off both sides and part of the top. Man, that needle with the numbing stuff in it HURT! That was the worst part. He bandaged it up with lots of padding. Says I should be down to normal band-aids after tomorrow. Luckily I have some Darvocet because when the numbness went away, it started to hurt. It's okay right now, just a slight stinging pain. I really need to get off it and rest it though. He said walking on it would make it bleed. After I finish up with this, I'll go lie down and put it up a little.

Just getting a chance to stop in here now. Dad had a job interview after my appointment. It seemed to go well. He's hoping to hear about a second interview soon. Hopefully he gets it because if/when brother moves out, we're going to need the money. Speaking of...they went to the bank yesterday and a loan for this one house looks good. They're going for a Rural Development loan because it's a house out in the country. Hopefully they'll get approved.

That's it for now. I need to go get my foot up.
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I would have done this yesterday, but I got distracted and didn't get over to LJ until about 15 minutes before brother got home.

Not really feeling all that great today. My toe is severely infected again. Dad has surgery to remove a lump on his head (just a calcium deposit on his forehead, nothing serious) on Friday and I'm going to drive him home afterward. Since I'll have, like, five hours I'm going to their ER (NOT the one I've been going to) to see what they'll be able to do. They're a good hospital and not incompetent like my local hospital. Hopefully they'll take care of it. They usually have specialists they can call in day or night to do stuff. *fingers crossed*

Star Trek was AWESOME! Much better than I expected. Bravo Chris Pine, you proved me wrong. My favorite part was McCoy chasing Kirk around giving him injections. Needed more Scotty. And old Spock.

Wolverine... It was good for what it was, but I wasn't as impressed as with the other three. And that says a lot, since I wasn't a giant fan of X3. The whole Deadpool thing bothered me. But I may just be a big nerd. And since when could ALL mutants easily clamber up walls like there was basically no gravity? Sabertooth, okay. But Gambit? Really? Being able to control energy makes you able to run up a wall like nothing? Wish I'd known that.

Sorry, I'd have more comprehensive reviews, but brother will be back soon and I need to get off here pretty quick when he does. Hopefully I'll get more of a chance to be on tomorrow, as I've got a little bit to vent about. We'll see.
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Well, not technically. But they're going out to dinner sometime next week. I find that highly amusing, considering the last time my dad was on anything resembling a date was in 1979. I keep picking on him and just spouting out randomly, in song, "Dude's got a girlfriend" and then making kissy noises. I'm so mean.

I guess she must have asked him out. While they were talking she said how about they go for chinese buffet. Last night when he was telling me about it he goes, "That's my kinda woman." hehehe. It's so cute.
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So tired. Spent all of last night in the ER with dad. His eye and right side of his face have been feeling funny. He was afraid he was going to have a stroke, or had already had one, so at about 4:30am we set out to the hospital. They did some x-rays, a head CT and an EKG. Everything was normal and the Dr. had no clue. But the nurse suggested maybe it could be Bell's Palsy. As soon as she said it, I mentally kicked myself for not thinking of it first. But, in my defense, it WAS the middle of the night. I told him how it happens, more or less, on the drive back. Dad looked some stuff up when we got home and said that that seemed like it could be it, as he did have an injury to the area of his neck where that particular nerve runs.

Personally, I think he was over-reacting just a tad. Probably because he just got his Will back from the lawyer. He's had death on the brain ever since Uncle died nearly 3 weeks ago. (it's been that long already?!)

His Will is actually kind of funny. It's only a page and a tiny bit of a second page. The whole reason for getting it done was so I woulndn't have to worry about someone trying to take my china cabinet. Not my brothers or anything, but my aunts. They're sneaky, coniving little things and, I really didn't want to have to kill them to keep them from my china cabinet. And I would maim for it, too. But then, it would do me no good to have it if I was rotting in jail for a multiple homicide, would it? So he went and had a will made up so that it was all legal that it was mine and I wouldn't have to worry about anyone trying to take it. And to name me as Executrix of his Estate. HA! Some estate. The only things he really owns that would be in the estate are the house and his truck. His new car isn't even in his name, since he owes money on it still.

Anyway, enough rambling. I'm tired and i think I need to go watch some TV.
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So, dad's really sick today. His leg is infected again, he's got chills (currently under about 4 or so blankets), and he thinks he's got a kidney infection. So my day has been spent listening to him moan in his sleep and listening to him go up and down the stairs to the bathroom and back.

Got into a little tiff with Corie earlier. I asked her what a post she made was all about because it confused me and she thought I was mad for some reason. And then I didn't talk because I was letting her talk and I was listening, so when I said that, she said she was gonna go. I mean, come on! She didn't even ask how I was doing. So that got another little thing started. But she changed the subject and asked how I was. Before I could answer, uncle asked me to go to the store for him, so I told her I'd be back. She said ok. When I came back a few minutes later, she was signed out and hadn't even said why. So, if you read this before I talk to you again, WTF happened?

And...Does anyone know anything about pear trees? This has been bugging us for a couple years, and I meant to ask about it last summer, but never did. I got reminded when I was outside and saw the pear tree flowering. Okay, we've got a pear tree. Not sure exactly what kind, but they're regular pears, ya know. Anyway, a while back, before we lived here, Uncle or someone had cut the smaller branches off. Just left the bigger main ones that didn't fruit anyway. It was Grandma's tree and since she had died, it basically went to waste since he didn't really use them to cook like she did. But when Mom and Dad bought the house it started to grow again (Uncle hadn't tarred over it or anything). Well, since it's grown back, the newer branches have thorns on them. It never had thorns before. We can't figure out how ar why it's started getting thorns on it. We don't have anything (fruits or not) that have thorns on them, which is why it's so puzzling. At first, we thought maybe it was some sort of bush or tree that just happened to be growing next to it, but the thorned branches actually had pears on them, so it IS the pear tree that has thorns. If anyone knows anything about pears and could help me out, that would be great. Even some kind of theory would be nice. All I know is that we're stummped.

And just 'cause...
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*WHEW* Well, Brother dropped by the hospital on his way home tonight and saw dad's van. So he IS in the County hospital. Stupid desk people never know what they're talking about... Said he's going to stop by tomorrow and see what's going on, see how long dad's going to be there.

WOO-HOO! That means free, use of the cell phone! Now I just need someone to call me! (free nights and weekends, you know...) If only someone had my number...

ANd, I saw this on [ profile] lotrjunkie009's LJ and I HAD to steal it.
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I'm starting to get worried about my dad...

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