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Okay, so it's not my B-day anymore, technically, but I don't care. I had a decent day. I got to see my new nephew, Ayden, for the first time. I got to watch the Boca Juniors win their game! And, for the first time in years, I didn't have to make my own b-day cake. Well, cupcakes.

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And with that, I should be getting to bed. I have a Drs. appt. in the morning. But at least I get a free B-day Rooty Tooty Fresh 'N Fruity at IHOP on my way home. Yay.
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Dad went with me to my appointment Tuesday b/c we were going to stop at the store on our way back. Also Connor went as well, b/c he asked and actually got ready in time. Probably not a great idea. When I was done we went back out to the car, where dad was napping and waiting, only to have a fire engine pull in right behind us. It had followed an ambulance to pick someone up. I don't know why, and when they found out they were at a Dr.s office, I don't know why they stayed. Anyway, they were there for half an hour. They finally left, so I went to start the car. Nothing. The battery was dead. So, after trying a couple more times, dad got out and opened the hood. You know, the international sign for 'my car isn't working. Please stop and help'. Of course, we were facing a divider and there was a car on one side. Someone else pulled in and looked at me as dad was pulling up the hood, but just went in. We sat there for another hour. A space opened up behind us, so dad pushed us back into it that way our hood was facing where people were reaching it. He went in to see if he could look up a number for someone to come give us a jump. While he was inside, some guy came and knocked on my window. He was an idiot.

Guy: "Do you only need a jump?"
Me, relieved, thinking he's going to help: "Yes."
Guy: "Well, if you go inside there's a security office. They'll call someone for you."
Me, knowing he's an idiot: "Someone already went in."

Honestly. I mean, we were in the parking lot of a CLINIC. Did he honestly think I had money for that? Anyway, dad called and said the cheapest person he could find was $35 for a jump. I'm sorry, but that's ridiculous. He said he was going to grab a hamburger for Connor, since it was lunchtime. He also wanted to see if there were any little shops nearby that may give us a jump for a couple bucks. He came back a few minutes later with some Burger King. He called Neal then to see if he'd come up and give us a jump. He said he had to get ready, but he would. A little later some family pulled in next to us and the guy said, as they got out, 'I wonder if they only need a jump'. He asked, we said yes, he gave us a jump while his wife and kid went inside. We had been sitting there for 2 hours waiting for a jump. That's not counting the half hour we waited for the fire engine to move.

What is wrong with people? If we had been in Bowling Green, we would have had help within a half an hour. At one point dad said if he had money, he'd rent a billboard and have it say, "Toledo: The most unfriendly town I've ever been to."

Also, Happy 74th Birthday, Dean Stockwell! TCM has been playing Dean Stockwell movies all day. All from when he was pretty young. I wish they'd played some from when he was a bit older, but they're still good movies none-the-less.

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Checking in

Oct. 8th, 2009 09:03 pm
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First off, thanks for the birthday wishes to everyone. :)

Getting along fine in my book challenge. Almost halfway there. Looks like I will be done by the end of the year. Especially since these next couple of series' are shorter than previous ones.

Ugh. Had a Dr.s appointment on my birthday. Mostly a check-up, but he wanted some tests. Plus, since I'm on steroids, which work as an immunosuppressant, he wanted me to get a flu shot and a pneumonia shot, just to be safe. So for my birthday I got 2 shots, chest x-rays and some blood drawn. Yippee. Also, they ordered my methotrexate. They called me on Monday afternoon to tell me that I needed to set up an appointment on Tuesday. Not sure if that's when I get my first shot or if I need to talk to the Dr of Pharmacy again first. I'll see when I get there, I guess.

OH! I went to my local Social Services office this morning. We can get help turning on our electric, but only $300. That's a little less than half, but some help is better than none. Gotta get some stuff from the electric company first and then come up with the rest...but we should have it on in the next month or so. Yay. We're not doing bad without it, though. Worst thing, and the tough part, is not having running water. But we're making it work. Not much longer.

Not really much else to say right now.

OMG. I. LOVE. Project Runway.
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It's [ profile] amyurban's birthday today!

Hope it's a great one!

Sorry it's a little late in the day, but my internet wasn't working yesterday and I just got on LJ.
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I've been meaning to post this all day...

Happy Birthday to [ profile] caranglamiel!
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It's a little late in the day, but...

Can you believe he's 69?!

Ringo spam )
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] lady__vaako!

Hope it's a good one!
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I know it's a little late, but...

Paul McCartney is 66 today! Happy B-day, Paul!

[EDIT]Oops. I mean 67. Can you tell I'm not a Paul person?[/EDIT]
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It's a little late because, honestly, I had so much here on LJ to catch up on (still not done) That I just found out. Still, I wanted to extend a heartfelt

Happy Birthday to Laura!!

Hope you have a great day/week.  You deserve it, my friend.  {{HUGS}}
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Happy B-day to the lovely Anneli!
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Guh. I wish I had my comp set up so I could make a proper post for today. I would make a banner and a picspam. Today is Georgie's Birthday! I miss having my own comp. One of these days I'll get it set up. I'll make a belated picspam then. Until then, Happy Birthday, Georgie-Orgie!
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30 years old! I can't believe it.

And in honor, thanks to [ profile] beatfreek over at [ profile] beatlepics for these. This spread is in the new Teen Vogue Fall '08 Supplement 'Fashion Rocks'. I wish I had a few bucks to go grab this issue.

'You look more like George Harrison than I do.'  )

Ain't he so pretty?
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I just wanted to wish my George/Dhani buddy [ profile] hareharekrishna a happy birthday. There's some others that would like to as well...

Hope it's a good one! Glad to see you back around here. {hugs}

And some pics por vous )
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I need to wish a BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY to [ profile] lauralynn22. Sorry I didn't get to it in a timely manner. {{HUGS}} Hope it was a good one.
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Okay, everyone around here knows I'm not the biggest Paul McCartney fan, but I have to wish him a HAPPY 66th BIRTHDAY.

How/why I have Paul alone pics (especially scantilly clad), I have NO idea. *shrugs* )
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Even though she never comes around LJ-land anymore...

Happy Birthday to spaceygirl_1Corie!
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Today is George Harrison's Birthday. It would have been his 65th. I already had my cake. In honor, here's a little huge pic spam.

Just a few favorites.
They say it's your Birthday... )

Okay, I think that's enough for now.

If you'd like to see more pics, I'd suggest checking out [ profile] harrisonwhores and [ profile] beatlepics
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Tomorrow is the twins' birthday, but their party is today. I know. on Super Bowl Sunday? Corie decided it was easier than doing it yesterday and then having a little Super Bowl thig today. Only 1 day of lots of food, not 2.

If my batteries hold out, or if I can borrow some from brother I'll be taking pics and/or vids. I should be able to post some tomorrow or later in the week.

Until then, here's some I took over the last week...

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