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[13] Dhani Harrison & Conan O’Brien on The Tonight Show 9-08-09
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May. 5th, 2009 01:18 am
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I've done a couple icon posts over at my graphics journal [ profile] katorea over the last two days.

Beatles Buttons and John Lennon
Contest #2 Submissions for [ profile] beatle_icontest
Thenewno2 icons
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30 years old! I can't believe it.

And in honor, thanks to [ profile] beatfreek over at [ profile] beatlepics for these. This spread is in the new Teen Vogue Fall '08 Supplement 'Fashion Rocks'. I wish I had a few bucks to go grab this issue.

'You look more like George Harrison than I do.'  )

Ain't he so pretty?
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Just got to see Dhani Harrison's band's site. thenewno2

There's a couple short clips there under music. And if you go to visual, you can see their video "Choose What You're Watching". He's definitely got his dad's wicked sense of humoUr.

Dhani sounds just like George when he sings. I can't wait for an album! Iiiiiiii!
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before I start typing up the first chapter of my Karl fic.

The Great LiveJournal
Outage of 2005

During the outage I discovered something called physical interaction. It was most pleasurable.

What did you do?

Brought to you by geek-foo

And some piccies: Thanks to Anita for reminding me that I was neglecting my poor Georgie and Dhani. Don't know HOW on Earth I could do that...

First some George... )

And some Dhani... )

Side by side. )

I'll be back later when I get some written and can think of a title.  Toodles!


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