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I originally wrote this for a buddy as a little present. At the last minute I decided to enter it in the VFB contest this year. That's why it took me so long to post it.

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Alright, I have to tell this dream from last night. It was strange. It was a Viggo dream...sort of...

So I was in this little diner sitting in a booth with Viggo. Only he didn't look like Viggo. He did look familiar to me, but I can't remember why. Just, he didn't really look like Viggo... But anyway, we were sitting in this booth, talking about something or other. Something I said or something he heard somehow made him hae this kind of...depressed look and he got quiet.

So then this little girl, maybe 5 or so (at least she looked about 5 or so...), came over by us. Well, apperently I knew her because as I was talking to Viggo, trying to get him to stop being all depressed, I started tickling her and making her giggle. Well, Viggo started looking at me funny, like, 'What are you doing??'. So I got the girl in the booth and kept poking at her, like you do to little kids to make them giggle, and told her, "One of these days I'm gonna bring you here and fill you full of ice cream." Of course she was happy about that. I kept telling her things like that, about getting her stuffed on ice cream. That's when Viggo started looking at me with disgust. Like I was some child molester or something. Like there was hatred in his eyes. I couldn't figure it out. I had known this little girl longer than he had. I don't know if he knew it or not. It just seemed like he was acting like tht because he was 'friendly' with said girl's mom. So anyway, he kept giving me this look of disgust while I was talking to the girl.

All of a sudden, he gets me to walk away over to this spot a little away fromthe booth. We left the little girl in the booth. So we were standing next to each other, I want to say we started dancing or something. But I don't really know if we were actually dancing. So we were close to each other, at any rate. I found my way with my back to his. Then he started telling me, "And then she puts her hand around to kind of hug him..." like he was telling me part of a script. I kept doing what he was saying. And then he said, "And then she spins around to the front..." and indicated that I would have to be facing him and kind of dip down a little. Well, I tried to do it, butit was kind of an awkward move, considering my hand was supposed to still be on the side of his face. I kind of laughed and told him, "Picture this, two figures, outlines only, with little arrows pointing saying, 'this goes this way' and 'that goes that way'." (kind of like an illustration) And we both started laughing at that. Now we decided to leave and went outside. (appently the little girl went back to where ever she came from)So we stood outside the door and talked for a minute. And that's when the dream ended.

I still can't figure out why he was lookiing at me with such disgust and hatred. I guess he didn't know that I knew the little girl. And I'm trying to figure out who the little girl was.

Something tells me that the little girl was inspired by Nena (attention GT. :p), hence Viggo's protective, yt standoffish nature about her. But then, she didn't look like little Nena... I have no idea.
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I was feeling creative and ended up staying up all night playing on Phohoshop. Made a bunch of new Desktops. All the Liv and Keira pics are from [ profile] faces_fit. They're all pretty simple. Though I am pretty proud of the Liv one with the flowers. It turned out better than I expected. ^_^ Hope they turned out alright.

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Oh, and there's this Viggo one that I did a couple weeks ago that I never got around to posting...

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I REALLY love the new EW photos and I was feeling a bit creative, so I pieced together a couple versions of a wallpaper. Feel free to use one (or both) if you want.

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As I said yesterday, I made a Karl wallpaper. Since I'm so in LOVE (or is that LUST?) with the cigar pics, I decided to use those and a few others from that set.  I also re-did one of my EZboard sig pics.  I like the new version better, I think...

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Okay, I had a bunch of random thoughts all done and ready to post, but Clayton's messing with the internet connection and he keeps screwing everything up.  I guess I'll just put up the random pics I had.


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Got it done.  Sorry it took so long. ETA:I guess I should explain that this is going to be done as a "flashback" for pretty much the rest of the story. Thanks to Anita for pointing that out to me.

Chapter 2 )

And just for Good measure...


Just click it... You know you want to... ;) ) And with that...I'm off to BED! Nighty-night! (or would it be afternoony-afternoon?) Maybe I can get these guys to help me fall asleep...


Jan. 11th, 2005 02:48 pm
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Okay, I was feeling all creative yesterday and I was actually going to work on my Karl story that I started a little while ago.  Since I've been using someone else's computer, I'll type stuff up in my e-mail and send it to myself.  Had the begining all done and perfect.  Then I went to retrieve it yesterday morning and I found that I had absentmidedly erased it.  A little annoying, but I had it mostly written out on paper, so I was fine.  ThenI spent all day looking for the notebook it's in.  And I CAN'T FIND IT ANYWHERE!  I want to scream!  I hope no one threw it away while they were cleaning, or HEADS WILL ROLL!  And that was the notebook that had TONS of space in it.  GRRR!!

Arthritis is acting up in ALL my joints, but especially my knees/feet, so it hurts to walk.  And to top it all off, I've had a fever, however slight it is, for three days now and it still hasn't broken.  I've taken aspirin, actually got a lot of sleep last night, NOTHING!  I HATE being sick.

But I did find out today that a company in a near-by town is hiring for a secretary, so I think I need to re-do my resume and send it to them ASAP.  Only part time, but it's still money.

Hopefully I'll find my notebook so I can get that story underway.  And I hope this fever breaks soon.  I feel like crap!

How about some lovelies to make me feel better?


Orlando looking his usual lovely self... )


Some Yummy Viggo )

And in honor of there FINALLY being a new epi of SVU tonight... )


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