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I wanted to update yesterday about the day I had, but by the time I got home, I just wasn't up for it. Then I wanted to post sometime earlier today, but I just kept putting it off. I'm making myself do it now. (This is an abridged version.)

OMG U GAIZ! Monday was the worst day I've had in a while.the rest of the wall o' text is under here )

Wow. That ended up much longer than I expected.

tl;dr - My alarm didn't go off, I was half an hour late to the Dr., I was locked out of the WITH the keys and it took 6 more hours for me to leave.
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There were a bunch of storms last night, so I unplugged the comp just to be safe.  When I plugged it back in and tried to turn it back on, I discovered that my power supply had died.  Luckily, (my brother) Paul had an extra power supply lying around in his desktop. He switched them out for me, but then my keyboard wouldn't work.  I am currently typing this in charmap. It is a pain in the butt.  I'm going to have him double check the internal connections tomorrow, and hopefully I won't need a new keyboard. Because I be po.
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Okay, I had my whole report typed up, but some bad code or something messed it up and I only have it partway saved. I shall rewrite it later. I really hate to, but I'm going to have to. Grr. I guess links to the vids that messed it up instead of them embedded. Now, I'm exhausted and I need to go get a couple hours sleep before tackling this project further. GRR!
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The nurses in the Doctors office actually got the Pharm chick to see me a week early to teach me how to give myself injections. This past week was my first completely self injection. It's very weird. Feels strange. She gave me a bag of syringes, needles, alcohol wipes, and band-aids. And I got a little medical waste container. I have to take that into the office when it gets about 3/4 full for them to dispose. And I just tell them when I'm getting low on the stuff in the bag and they'll give me more. Anyway, he couldn't work it so I get my MTX from them because it's technically a Chemotherapy drug and is pretty dangerous. Like, I have to have my little medical waste container marked with "CYTOTOXIN" so they know what's in it. And a lot of pharmacies aren't certified to carry it. The pills, yes, but not the injections. So I have to buy it. BUT, it turns out, an entire month's supply is only about $20-25. Only, I got a better deal. Seems the Pharmacy couldn't get ahold of the vial size that I was prescribed, so they got me a much larger vial with preservatives (the smaller ones don't, so I have to toss what's left in the vial) that will last me 10 weeks. And it was only $18. And when I went to Meijer to fill my other prescriptions and I gave them my new Rx card, my total for 3 meds was only $16. Score. And from now on I'll only need to go to the doctor's once a month for blood tests and the occasional chest x-ray and my appointment.

I got the costumes done a little late. As in, the afternoon they left, a few hours after they wanted to leave. But it wasn't my fault. Paul was supposed to pick up a few odds and ends I needed to finish, like thread and ribbon, on Wednesday morning before he got home from work. But he decided to come home and go to sleep instead and didn't get to the store to get the stuff until Wednesday evening. That set me back a few hours. Also, there were some issues with Corie's. See, I made Paul's with only a slight guide for the flare of the bottom of the robe. And I had a home-made dress form we made. Well, i didn't have that for Corie. They went to the trouble to make it, but he never went and got anything to stuff it with, so hers was done with a little guide and NO FORM. So it ended up being a little small in front and I had to add some material, but that worked out okay. And then the top of the chest area was too big an puffed out between her chest and neck, so I had to temporarily tack that so it fit. And her collar was a little off. Though, they got that kind of figured out and fixed this morning. Sometime before next year I'm going to scrap the front and just remake it. Paul had to, of course, make a comment that it "looks like a 5-year old threw it together" this morning (Friday) before they figured it out. And he called from the road twice Thursday just to make make comments about being tired because they had to leave late. I hung up on him all three times.

Oh, and to top everything off, Just about the time they were supposed to leave Thursday, they got called into the school. Thomas got suspended for 5 days because he threw a chair at one of the teachers/teacher's aides (not sure what she is). She's 60. Apparently she was limping and had to go home and file Workers Comp because he hit her right in the knee. But, of course, since he's only 7, he doesn't really understand suspension and just knows he gets 5 extra days off school. And he was a horrid brat yesterday and today. I don't expect him to be any better the next two days, either. That's okay, he's already going to be in HUGE trouble when they get home that my constant yelling at him and his grounding is going to be a picnic.

And now, I'm off to bed.
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Dad went with me to my appointment Tuesday b/c we were going to stop at the store on our way back. Also Connor went as well, b/c he asked and actually got ready in time. Probably not a great idea. When I was done we went back out to the car, where dad was napping and waiting, only to have a fire engine pull in right behind us. It had followed an ambulance to pick someone up. I don't know why, and when they found out they were at a Dr.s office, I don't know why they stayed. Anyway, they were there for half an hour. They finally left, so I went to start the car. Nothing. The battery was dead. So, after trying a couple more times, dad got out and opened the hood. You know, the international sign for 'my car isn't working. Please stop and help'. Of course, we were facing a divider and there was a car on one side. Someone else pulled in and looked at me as dad was pulling up the hood, but just went in. We sat there for another hour. A space opened up behind us, so dad pushed us back into it that way our hood was facing where people were reaching it. He went in to see if he could look up a number for someone to come give us a jump. While he was inside, some guy came and knocked on my window. He was an idiot.

Guy: "Do you only need a jump?"
Me, relieved, thinking he's going to help: "Yes."
Guy: "Well, if you go inside there's a security office. They'll call someone for you."
Me, knowing he's an idiot: "Someone already went in."

Honestly. I mean, we were in the parking lot of a CLINIC. Did he honestly think I had money for that? Anyway, dad called and said the cheapest person he could find was $35 for a jump. I'm sorry, but that's ridiculous. He said he was going to grab a hamburger for Connor, since it was lunchtime. He also wanted to see if there were any little shops nearby that may give us a jump for a couple bucks. He came back a few minutes later with some Burger King. He called Neal then to see if he'd come up and give us a jump. He said he had to get ready, but he would. A little later some family pulled in next to us and the guy said, as they got out, 'I wonder if they only need a jump'. He asked, we said yes, he gave us a jump while his wife and kid went inside. We had been sitting there for 2 hours waiting for a jump. That's not counting the half hour we waited for the fire engine to move.

What is wrong with people? If we had been in Bowling Green, we would have had help within a half an hour. At one point dad said if he had money, he'd rent a billboard and have it say, "Toledo: The most unfriendly town I've ever been to."

Also, Happy 74th Birthday, Dean Stockwell! TCM has been playing Dean Stockwell movies all day. All from when he was pretty young. I wish they'd played some from when he was a bit older, but they're still good movies none-the-less.

Couple pics under the cut )
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Namely,my (soon-to-be-ex)S-I-L.

I guess I should start at the...beginning. I don't remember if I mentioned anything before, but Neal's wife Kim filed for divorce. They've been separated for a while now and both have dated others. Anyway, at the end of November she filed the papers. Neal has no problem with that. In fact, he was hoping she would so he wouldn't have to spend out the money. Her mom/mom's family hates him so much (for no real reason) they payed for it. Anyway, like I said, he has NO problem with that. But before she did that, or rather, before she told him about that, she went and got a restraining order against him. For her and their daughter. Right before Thanksgiving. She called the cops and told them that he had threatened to take Catilena and go to Michigan and never bring her back. Okay, he said that, once, in the heat of an argument, like a few weeks or months prior. She knows he says things he doesn't mean when he's mad. It's a condition of his brain damage. But she decided to get to him by keeping him from seeing his daughter. Not smart. Even though this old threat was an empty threat, her family backed her up. They had a court appearance on Dec. 1st about it. She tried to tell the judge that she had never meant for Catilena to be on the restraining order. Except she had specifically told him and our cousin (while I was there) that she did. Anyway, they wanted her to get full custody. The judge didn't go for it, since there was no reason and they're still married. But Neal said he didn't care if she had temporary custody as long as he had visitations. The judge agreed. Then they wanted to do the exchanges of her at the police station, trying to make him seem like some horrible monster. She just made herself look bad, since the police station has no parking lot and the only parking spots are on a busy street. The judge told her how stupid it was. Neal suggested the Kroger parking lot. The judge said that was fine. Kim and her family were not happy because nothing went their way. The judge gave him every Wednesday and every other weekend. Not that's actually legal, since they aren't divorced yet. But, whatever.

Anyway, now that you know the backstory... Neal is supposed the have Catilena from Christmas Day until Jan. 4th. Only he doesn't have anywhere to stay with her. He could stay at our house, but we have no heat. We're supposed to, but the heater kind of broke. OH, yeah. Our electric got turned on and we got a tank of propane, but the heater suddenly won't work. The flame and pilot light keep going out. Dad thinks there may be a little water in the tubing. He needs to look at it. So, hopefully soon I'll be able to go home... Back to the story. Neal is supposed to have her for 9 days, but has no where to sleep with her. He tried to be responsible and tell Kim that he can't care for her properly right now, can he keep her for a couple days until he figures out something. She refuses. She is making her daughter be homeless for a week and a half because she doesn't want the inconvenience. Also, apparently her new boyfriend is gone and she's sleeping with some other guy. And letting Catilena see her go into the bedroom with him. Luckily she's only three and confused him for the boyfriend, but still... She's so stupid. She keeps INSISTING that the visitation thing says he HAS to take/keep her when it's his time. She just doesn't get that what it says is that if it's his time, she has to let him see her. So even though her daughter has no place to stay, she's making him keep her. Just because she doesn't feel like taking care of her.

IDK, it's just irritating.
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I was told today that our refrigerator was stolen. Dad told me today he went home the other day and saw the refrigerator was missing. See, Neal had given it to us a few weeks ago because he picked it up to junk, but found out it worked and we needed one. Dad thought maybe Neal ended up junking it anyway, but when he asked him today, he said no. So that means someone drove past our house, no one was home, and the loaded it up and took off with it. I think it was this one guy that stopped by one day when I was sitting outside. He stopped and asked if we wanted to get rid of it. I told him we'd just gotten it and he seemed disappointed. I guess dad said brother told him he was at the house cleaning the upstairs bedroom, he saw someone looking at it, then they took off. Presumably because there was a car there. I wonder if it was the same person...

Okay, my subject. I have to admit, I spend WAY too much time around boys. I've been saying "mah balls!" to everything lately. It's my favorite saying right now. The previous was "your face". That got so bad that Ryan started saying to me, "Your face, your face, your face! Is that all you can say?"

ROFLMAO! Okay. So a little while ago, just for laughs, i went to (their show was on TV at the time) and Paul and I were laughing about some of the names of things. Well, he looked away and as a page was loading, I switched over to another tab I had open to The Beatles Shop. He looked back at the screen and says, "OH! You're back on the Beatles site. I was gonna say, 'there are Beatles sex toys?!'" We had a good laugh at that and Corie says, "Do they have a rabbit, but instead of a rabbit it's Ringo with drumsticks?" It was so funny. Maybe you had to be there. But it was.

There was some other stuff I wanted to say, but I can't remember what it is. It's taken me HOURS to get this written and posted. I should get to bed.
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And since when do you have to act a certain way if something bad happened to you? How do you even act like you know everything that's happened to me. And just because I don't bring everything bad up all the time to try to get sympathy doesn't mean it never happened. I know plenty of people who've told only me when something has happened to them and they don't act any different. MOST PEOPLE DON'T LIKE CONSTANTLY RELIVING BAD THINGS THAT HAVE HAPPENED TO THEM!

Or not

May. 19th, 2009 11:13 pm
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Stupid brother. So I got up, earlier than usual since I normally sleep a LOONNNGGG time on Tuesday & Thursday, and was getting ready to shower when I was informed that brother "didn't know" he was taking me to the mall today. He wasn't "sure he would have the time". This was 2 hrs before he had to leave for work. That's code for "too bad, I just don't feel like taking you". So I told him I was not missing Star Trek and Wolverine and he'd just have to take me on Saturday. And since I'd be missing the matinee all-day price, he'd be paying the difference. He said that was okay. He wants to see Wolverine anyway. Although, part of my wanting to go all by myself today was to get away from everyone for once. Whatever. They're supposed to go to the zoo this weekend. Although, I won't count on it until they're actually pulling out the driveway.
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for about a week now. The kids were on spring break and brother has been working 7 days a week so I haven't had a lot of time online. I can pretty much keep up reading, but not post when I want to. Hopefully soon that will change. Brother and Corie are going to Chicago in 3 weeks and I told dad that I ant the comp set up down here before they leave. Brother has it up in their room, but I need dad's computer desk before he can bring it down. Dad got rid of the nice big office desk it was on.

Busy week last week. Like I said, kids were home and didn't go back to school until the 14th. Three obnoxious boys at home all the time = very little sleep for me. Not to mention Easter. Apparently, Easter is Thomas' fave holiday. The whole week they had off school, every single day, he'd ask if it was Easter yet. Easter day was no fun. Mostly because when I was changing the bandage on my toe, I noticed that something just wasn't right. I called my dad down to look at it and he said it looked discolored and I should probably go into the ER and get it checked out as that's how Uncle had lost his foot. One day he went into the Dr. with a slightly discolored toe, they waited 3 days for it to heal and the next thing you know, he's had to get half his foot lopped off. Yeah. Needless to say, that didn't make me too confident. Then when I was putting on my shoes and Corie was coming down the stairs she's all, "Are you going somewhere?" I tell her where and why. [very put out] "I guess we'll have to take the kids with us to the store then..." [/very put out] Thanks for the concern.

Spent a good 2 1/2 hours in the ER, saw one of the few competent docs there. I have, yet another, serious infection. When she told me they "don't do anything for toe's here, unless it's a fracture", I got the idea it's policy for them to just tell you to see a specialist. And why not. All the ones they suggest you see have offices in the hospital. Anyway, she had the nurse take a culture then scrub and soak my foot, which is more than any of the others had done. She then prescribed me 2 antibiotics and Vicodin. Dad picked up the antibiotics but not the Vic. If it doesn't stop hurting like this soon, though, I may see if him or brother will get it for me when they get paid.

Came home and everyone else was gone. They pulled in a couple minutes later. "We're gonna take the kids to town and spend some time with them." Big surprise, since Easter dinner had yet to be started! So, in pain and infected me and dad had to do most of the dinner ourselves. Oh, and just a little before the stuff we did was ready they came home. "Oh, we have to go back to town because we forget (a), (b) and (c) for dinner. We'll be back soon." 2 hours later and a phone call to do one of her dishes later they come strolling in. Yeah, thanks. No, I'll live and yes, I still have my foot...for now. Thanks for the concern, you guys.

And since Sunday and the doc (one whom Corie trusts as well) said I have to try to stay off my foot as much as possible until the infection gets much better, things have been tense. Monday she did the laundry (usually my job) and put away 1 barely full basket of the kids' clothes and had a fit about it. Then last night or this morning she says "I've been doing everything..." FOR 2 DAYS! Get off your high horse and accept the fact that someone else needs your help for once. God forbid anything should make her life any harder or inconvenience her at all.

And now they're home and I'll have to get off here. Guess I'll have to finish this rant and the other stuff I wanted to say later. As usual. *sigh*
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URGH! I need a paid account so bad. I'm so sick of only having 15 icons to choose from, and none of them George/Beatles. I think after I get paid for watching the kids for almost a week in May, I'm going to upgrade again.

I'm going to be up and down while typing this because I'm in the middle of making dinner and washing laundry. Not that you'll notice.

Anyway, now that dinner is sitiated...

I really wish my toe would hurry up and heal. Both sides have proud flesh now. And the last few days it has hurt like you wouldn't believe. Of course, kids kicking and stepping on it don't help much...

The boys have been unholy terrors lately. Well, Thomas and Connor anyway. Connor is going through this phase where he thinks he can tell his big brothers what to do and they have to listen. And that's on top of the two of them thinking they don't have to listen to anyone anymore. At least Ryan's always pretty good. Even on his bad days he's about even with the other two's good days. Oh, and speaking of Ryan, I think he's got himself a little first grade girlfriend. Apparently, she walks him the the bus to come home and the other day she gave him a little note. It had her name and something I can't read (though it looks like another name) on it. But she gave it to him, so...

Ugh. I didn't get to do or say everything I wanted to, but Brother and Corie are on their way home and I'm sure brother will want his comp back.

And on a totally random note: I totally love Ringo's dancing. He sure has got the moves!


Jan. 22nd, 2009 01:05 am
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Just a quick little update before I hop in the shower.

Things are better here. Corie saw (after people repeatedly pointing it out to her) how she was being and has been trying not to be so...whatever. Still WAY behind on the internet world. And I miss it and everyone so much. I'm going crazy being out of the loop!

OH! And my Yahoo hasn't let me log in for the last 2-3 weeks. I logged in shortly before that, but now it's not working and it says I can't reset my password online. Hopefully I get a response to my email soon. I NEED to get into my Yahoo. It's my main account.

One of these days, hopefully soon, I'll be getting my comp set up. Even if it has to be in the living room. I don't care. I just want the interwebs back.

Oh yeah! Brother and Corie got married January 9th, though they're still doing a ceremony and reception in May. This was for insurance purposes and to get her Grandmother to leave her alone. Long story.
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So, about 9:15pm brother and Corie got back from taking Connor to the ER. He had to get stitches. I forgot to ask how many. They took off to the store to get some bandages and Children's ibuprofen for him. I guess you could see down to the bone on his finger.

I know, how on earth did that happen, right? He cut it with a razor blade. At firstm he tried to say that Thomas got it and cut him on purpose. Except that Thomas was in the living room with me. All we knew at first was that he was playing in the room with all the toys when he suddenly started screaming and running around. He wouldn't tell anyone why he was crying at first. He came into the living room and stopped running around long enough for me to see blood all over his hand and arm and dripping on the floor. We got him calmed down a bit so we could see how bad it was. They decided to take him to the ER in case he needed stitches. While they were there, Corie asked him how he got cut and he told her the story about Thomas. ScinceI had told her before they left that Thomas had been sitting on the couch the whole time she looked at him and told him not to lie to her. He told her that he had gotten the razor blade down (they were put up) and was trying to cut the plastic off the crate that has my records in it. Serves him right.

Hopefully he's learned his lesson and won't play with things people have repeatedly told him not to touch because he could get hurt. But knowing him, probably not.

And to top it off, I have had a headache for the last 3 days and I'm about dead on my feet.

[ETA:] I just saw it because he unwrapped his finger somehow and he's got 3 stitches.
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I've decided ^that^ is Ryan's new theme song. The twins went to the dentist Monday. I guess Ryan was being mouthy and kept telling the hygienist that he didn't have to do what she said and to get her hands out of his mouth. At least once he told her, "I will bite you." And he did. They had to do his x-rays 3 times because he was moving so much. The boy is a freak of nature. He's 5 1/2 and he's got all his baby teeth. Like, including his 6 and 12-year molars. How does a 5-year-old have his 12-year molars already? They weren't concerned about it. He's also got his first loose tooth. That should fall out by this weekend. They also said he should have all his adult teeth before too long at the rate his teeth are growing. He also has 2 cavities. He's going back Friday to get them fixed. Because of how much he moved, they're thinking they'll have to knock him out to do it. They don't want to accidentally drill his gums or cheek. RobbieThomas'* exam went well. Dentist said his teeth are perfect. He was extremely well behaved considering this was their first trip to the dentist and he was terrified for the whole week or two before they went.
*They're changing his name to Thomas as soon as they get the DNA results in a week or so. Gotta start calling him that now.

OMG. I'm about to rip my hair out. Connor is driving me batty. He's gotten to his "terrible 2s" even though he's nearly 4. He's gotten extremely nosey and has this sense of entitlement. It's crazy. And he will not listen to me no matter what. None of my punishments work, none of Corie's, none of brother's. He'll cry and then be good for a little while, then go right back to what he was doing to get him in trouble. I'm about to string him up by the toes.

Brother is on vacation this week. They were going to take the kids to the zoo Saturday, but I just found out that they can't afford it now. They spent more than half the money he had left driving around looking for a certain pipe they needed for the new well pump. Turns out they didn't absolutely need it. Dad just cut it off for them and he's just going to set it about a foot higher in the well. It won't hurt anything. They've been over there everyday, all day working on getting the house all clened and everything fixe and stuff moved around since Saturday. Everyone has to be out of here in 1 1/2 - 2 weeks. It's going to be hectic. Brother wants to start moving things like movies and books over starting tomorrow. Besides a few appointments they have for the next couple of days, they'll be out there the rest of the week. Their zoo trip was supposed to be my break from the kids. WAAAH! No I'm not going to get a break for who knows how long. I'm going to go insane by next week.

Plus, I haven't been sleeping well. I'm tired all day. And my back has been hurting. And I've been having headaches everyday. Yelling at Connor all time isn't helping those. I think part of it is CONNOR these kids getting me so frustrated all the time lately. And Corie turns the A/C on as soon as it hits 70 outside. I get cold and it hurts my joints. I keep telling her that just b/c it's 70 outside doesn't mean it it inside. And she leaves it on all night. The bedroom is a couple rooms away from the kitchen, where the A/C is, and it gets really hot in there at night. I understand that. But then it gets chilly in the living room. It makes it a bit uncomfortable for me. I NEED A VACATION! I can't wait til we're all moved in. I need a real bed again and I can take naps when I do. And the twins should be starting kindergarten in the middle of August. YAY.

Ugh. I guess that's about it for now. I really need to get to bed. I should probably eat something, since all I've had today is some ramen and french fries for lunch but i think I'm too tired. bleh.
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My stupid mouse keeps going out. I have a roller mouse, but for the last week or so the up/down roller has been going out after about an hour or so. SOmetimes longer, sometimes much shorter. It's extremely frustrating. When it happens I can't even log out of anything and shut off the computer, I have to just shut it off on the front of the computer. After it sits for a few hours I can turn it back on and the mouse works for a little while again. I tore it apart (afraid it was the actual comp, but I figured out that it was, in fact, the mouse. I don't know how many of you have seen the inside of a mouse, but there's a little grove in the board for the rollers. At the end of the rollers is a slotted wheel looking thing. on either side are two pieces coming up sending something between the two. This senses when the wheel moves and which direction. That's what keeps going out. Since I can't change it, my only choice is to get a new mouse. Since I don't have the money, I have to wait until my brother can get one for me. Hopefully he can afford it next payday. So, until at least next week, I probably won't be around much. I'll try to be on everyday, but I can't guarantee where or for how long. If I don't post anywhere for a week or so, that's why.
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So, since Pauly got the phone switched over to cable phone, about 3 weeks ago, the phone and the internet have been going out like crazy. one or the other, sometimes both, will come on for a little bit, but then they go out with no warning. It's extremely frustrating when you're in the middle of trying to post an entry or a comment.

Everyone's sick of it, so he called the cable company and they sent someone yesterday. The guy tested the lines and it seems there are some problems in the lines from the street to the box and the main line in the house. Unfortunately the main line runs through the landlords part of the basement and no one has been home lately. They had him scheduled for tomorrow to fix the lines, but if he can't talk to the landlord he can't get it fixed. Besides, since we're out of here and at the house in about a month, it hardly seems worth all the trouble to get it fixed. As long as the TV works and the phone/internet works sometimes, I think we can deal.

So, I guess this is just a heads-up. I'll be around sometimes, but I may not be able to post or comment much for the next month.

And now, I'm off the make some peanut butter cup brownies. yum!
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Ever since Monday, the stupid cable internet has been off all day and it will come on about 9pm and stay on a little bit then go out again. Apperently, brother said it came on last night about 3am. But i wa in bed already, so...

Until this thing is working like normal again, I'm not sure how often I'll be on.


Jun. 6th, 2008 11:54 pm
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Just had a storm roll through here a little while ago. Even though we only got wind the power flickered for a moment. For some reason, ever since, I can't get the giant monitor to work. I have now had to resort to a small 1024x768 (I think. That monster has distorted my monitor sizing ability). I hope it's fine and I'll be able to go back to it tomorrow or Sunday. There was no popping or smoke or anything and it was plugged into a surge protector, so I can't figure out what's wrong with it. You can hear it turn on, but the screen stays black. Like I said, I hope that for some reason it will be fine after being unplugged all night.

Note to [ profile] angel_rock_star: Sorry I disappeared in the middle of our chat. I'll be babysitting tomorrow, but I should be able to get on anyway. Hope you see this.
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Some people.

That is all.
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WARNING: Exclamtion point and possible CAPS LOCK abuse ahead!!

I am dangerously close to having dad come get me and leaving these kids here by themselves! If I was a MUCH worse person, I think they'd be covered in bruises by now! Brother and Corie went to a concert tonight. Well, it was in Detroit, so they had to leave at 3 in order to get there a little early. Well, the kids were good for the first hour or so. Then they suddenly got horrible. They went outside by themselves, got into brother's bedroom and got stuff they know they're not allowed to touch, won't stay grounded, and Ryan just said the F-word to me! Like right this second! They've been SO BAD today that I have a REALLY upset stomach, like I've nearly thrown up a couple times, and I have a headache because of them, too. I know part of the reason they're being so bad fopr me is that we haven't had a breack from each other in about 2 WEEKS. 24 HOURS A DAY! They're fed up with me and I'm fed up with them. I've had a short fuse with them for the last week. I think that I'm going to hide out and probably nap all afternoon tomorrow. I tried to lie down in brother's bedroom for 5 minutes earlier, but they started playing with the NEW phone/answering machine.

I can't take much more of this. I'm about to rip out my hair and I think they're giving me an ulcer. I'm serioulsy close to walking out the door and not coming back and not ever showing my face around these kids again! I NEED A VACATION!! I wish I had somewhere to go for even ONE DAY. I have a cousin that said I could go over there, but she has 2 kids that are 4 and 1 1/2, so it really wouldn't be much of a break. True, it wouldn't be THESE kids, but her daughter, the 4 year-old, is just like them!

And all I got out of this lousy deal was a $5 footlong from subway! And that was my lunch AND dinner.

And now the kids won't shut up and go to sleep! AAAHHH!!!!


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