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The nurses in the Doctors office actually got the Pharm chick to see me a week early to teach me how to give myself injections. This past week was my first completely self injection. It's very weird. Feels strange. She gave me a bag of syringes, needles, alcohol wipes, and band-aids. And I got a little medical waste container. I have to take that into the office when it gets about 3/4 full for them to dispose. And I just tell them when I'm getting low on the stuff in the bag and they'll give me more. Anyway, he couldn't work it so I get my MTX from them because it's technically a Chemotherapy drug and is pretty dangerous. Like, I have to have my little medical waste container marked with "CYTOTOXIN" so they know what's in it. And a lot of pharmacies aren't certified to carry it. The pills, yes, but not the injections. So I have to buy it. BUT, it turns out, an entire month's supply is only about $20-25. Only, I got a better deal. Seems the Pharmacy couldn't get ahold of the vial size that I was prescribed, so they got me a much larger vial with preservatives (the smaller ones don't, so I have to toss what's left in the vial) that will last me 10 weeks. And it was only $18. And when I went to Meijer to fill my other prescriptions and I gave them my new Rx card, my total for 3 meds was only $16. Score. And from now on I'll only need to go to the doctor's once a month for blood tests and the occasional chest x-ray and my appointment.

I got the costumes done a little late. As in, the afternoon they left, a few hours after they wanted to leave. But it wasn't my fault. Paul was supposed to pick up a few odds and ends I needed to finish, like thread and ribbon, on Wednesday morning before he got home from work. But he decided to come home and go to sleep instead and didn't get to the store to get the stuff until Wednesday evening. That set me back a few hours. Also, there were some issues with Corie's. See, I made Paul's with only a slight guide for the flare of the bottom of the robe. And I had a home-made dress form we made. Well, i didn't have that for Corie. They went to the trouble to make it, but he never went and got anything to stuff it with, so hers was done with a little guide and NO FORM. So it ended up being a little small in front and I had to add some material, but that worked out okay. And then the top of the chest area was too big an puffed out between her chest and neck, so I had to temporarily tack that so it fit. And her collar was a little off. Though, they got that kind of figured out and fixed this morning. Sometime before next year I'm going to scrap the front and just remake it. Paul had to, of course, make a comment that it "looks like a 5-year old threw it together" this morning (Friday) before they figured it out. And he called from the road twice Thursday just to make make comments about being tired because they had to leave late. I hung up on him all three times.

Oh, and to top everything off, Just about the time they were supposed to leave Thursday, they got called into the school. Thomas got suspended for 5 days because he threw a chair at one of the teachers/teacher's aides (not sure what she is). She's 60. Apparently she was limping and had to go home and file Workers Comp because he hit her right in the knee. But, of course, since he's only 7, he doesn't really understand suspension and just knows he gets 5 extra days off school. And he was a horrid brat yesterday and today. I don't expect him to be any better the next two days, either. That's okay, he's already going to be in HUGE trouble when they get home that my constant yelling at him and his grounding is going to be a picnic.

And now, I'm off to bed.
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I haven't posted a real update since March 22? Wow. I don't know where my head has been.

Mostly a health update. Again. I'm sure you guys are getting sick of all the health crap, but I figure I need this stuff documented anyway. And I'm sure there are a few who might care what's going on. (Sorry. That's the depression talking.)

So, I've seen the Doctor since the last post. He reduced the prednisone a little. Also, I told him about the couple weeks of insomnia I was having and he gave me a Rx for Amitriptyline to take before bed. I haven't gotten it yet. I've been sleeping a little better again, but who knows how long that will last. He also told me NOT to take any naps. He's having me come in in a couple weeks and having me see the pharmacy people so they can teach me how to give myself the MTX injections. He's going to try to send me home with the vials of meds so I don't have to pay out of pocket for it. That way I only have to go up there once a month to see him. He'd give me the vials for the next month then.

Speaking of Rx-es, I just found out yesterday that since 2005 that Ohio has had a Rx discount program for uninsured people. It happens to cover all but my new med. According to the site, I can get my meds for nearly half what I've been paying for them. That will REALLY be a help this month. I have to pay out SO MUCH this month that I'm only going to have about $100 for food all month. Looks like I'll be having a LOT of leftovers. That's okay, though.

Also, I'm in the middle of making my brother's costume for ACEN this year. I have about a day's work left on it. (I really should get going on that so I can get it pretty much finished tonight.) Then next week I have to do Corie's. They're both going as characters from Trinity Blood
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I only have to finish the cape and collar on Paul's, then do a little hemming, add the zipper and the white trim and I'm done. Then I'm taking a day or two off because the chair I have to sit in to sew kills my back and the standing kills my back and legs. And The motions of sewing are making my wrists swell and hurt. And my eyes are getting strained in the terrible lighting in the dining room. Well, it's fine, except where I need to sit in order to have space to work.

20 DAYS TILL CONAN! I CAN'T WAIT! I can't help but keep wondering who the special guest is going to be. In every city they've had special guests. Most are natives of the city/area the show is in. I can only think of one person that it could be. Ted Nugent. And that would be AWESOME. Besides the fact that I've seen Ted twice, I just think he's hilarious. And we've seen evidence of Conan/Ted awesomeness before.

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Subject: Conan/Leno/NBC Debacle
Title: Invincible; a Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien fanmix
Stats: zip file 64 MB
Notes: Thanks to the members of conan_obrien @

And tonight we can truly say, Together we're invincible )

Please comment if downloading. I'd like to know how many have it.

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So, Corie and I were decorating Christmas cookies b/c the kids gave up on them after about a dozen. I decided I was going to get creative with one of the (sugar cookie) 'gingerbread' men. I decided one must be made into Conan. I spent a ridiculous amount of time making the right color of frosting for his hair. Especially considering how little I needed. And I sat there picking out just the right size blue and green sprinkles for his tie.

The pic was taken on dad's cell so it's kind of crappy quality. And Ryan had picked it up to move it, so his hair is kinda flattened and lost some of the pomp. But you get the idea.

I'm waiting to eat him when I make my cocoa. I bet he will be delicious. XD
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The tail is Colby cheese slices, the body is cheeseball, the wings and feet are crackers, the neck is a baby carrot, the beak is colby, the wattle & snood are carrot shavings and the eyes are peppercorns.

Sorry for the pic quality. They were taken with my dad's camera phone.
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Yesterday Corie asked me if I thought I could make her a Visual Kei Mask. I said I could and asked which type she wanted. She described it and gave me on old shirt that's too small for her now. I grabbed my scissors, needles and thread and began to get creative. Here is the result of a couple hours of designing, cutting and hand-stitching.

When I was done she was all, "WOW! You can make stuff! You should make those and sell them." It's a thought.
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We've been discussing sewing here lately. Basically Corie says that I don't know how to and there's NO WAY I could make anything decent. I pointed out that I sewed my own outfit (for 4H) when I was, like, 9. And I wore it for a long time. Dad backed me up. Then she said, "Well, you certainly can't do something like this." and showed me a pic of a cosplay with some carved foam or papier-maché. I said I probably could, it was pretty simple. She asked brother he said he thought I probably could if I practiced a little.

Anyway, this is all a little off-topic. Dad and I were talking about pulling out the sewing machine and I said there were a couple dresses I wanted to make.

I am TOTALLY going to make this dress one of these days.

Every time I wear it I can imagine George Harrison is dancing with me. A little too fangirly, y/y? Guess what, I really don't care. I've always wanted that dress. And I don't even like wearing dresses.
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A few months ago, Ryan became obsessed with the anime Chobits, and more specifically, Sumomo. For the uninitiated, Sumomo is a mobile Persicom (personal computer), the equivelent of a laptop. He then decided that Sumomo was his girlfriend.

Anyway, a while ago, I made Ryan a little Sumomo doll to play with.

This is what Sumomo looks like:

Here's the one I made out of some drawing paper and a toilet paper roll.
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Unfortunately, Connor is evil and has to ruin anything that belongs to his brothers when he doesn't have one, so she didn't last long.


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