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I'm going to start off with something good.

A couple nights ago I had a strange dream. I was in what appeared to be a motor home with a bunch of people, some of whom were ST Reboot cast members. We were rehearsing what had to have been a scene from the sequel. We arrived at some building where we were helping with the writing/characterizations for the sequel. It was a school, I think. We had lockers in the hall and there were school desks in the room we were in. Everyone was sharing desks because there were only a few. In fact, I was sharing with Zachary Quinto and I-can't-remember-who. We were all talking about scenes or characters while one of the writers, or maybe it was J.J., stood there just taking it all in. I was squeezed onto the end of our desk until I realized the desk in front of us was free, so I moved there and turned around to continue my conversation with ZQ & Whomever. The really strange thing was I couldn't figure out who I was supposed to be. During our rehearsal in the motor home I specifically remember being called "Number One". But then, when we were in the room, I got the distinct feeling that I was supposed to be Spock. Which was part of the reason I was working with ZQ. But I was still female. The best I can figure is I was part of a weird mirror/alternate universe where Spock was a woman and Kirk called her "Number One", like the original first officer in "The Cage". I'm still puzzled. But I will FREAK OUT if the any of the Reboot sequels has a mirror/AU at all like that.


And OMG, the wank. Seriously. Why do some people have to take a perfectly nice community and ruin it with their wank? A mod should NOT act like that. You're a Moderator, not a Dictator. You're there to moderate. No one was harming anyone. A quiet, kind word would have gotten a better effect that your rude demands.

On a related note, I am now the maintainer/co-mod of a new community: [ profile] conan_unrated. You know, I actually like being a mod. maybe it's because the two places I mod are fun. And Conan related. :)
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First, before I forget, I had a very...odd? dream last night. Like, it wasn't totally weird, but it was one of those ones where you feel weird after you wake up. But maybe no one knows what I mean. IDK, it's hard to put into words. Anyway, so I'm standing on a street and for some reason I can see inside the Tonight Show studio. And they're recording that night's episode. Well, for some reason Andy or someone says something to me/asks me something and I answer. Conan apparently liked the answer, because he started asking me questions, the first was who's your favorite founding father? To which I answered "Jefferson" without hesitation. (IDK. *shrugs*) With a smile on his face and heading back to the desk he says, "alright", or something to that effect and then continues talking to me. The next thing I know, I'm waking up (in the dream) and start telling people about the dream. Because it felt so real, I want to make sure I and others watch, just in case. Then Corie finds this notebook open to these pages that have Conan's and my exact dialogue from the dream in it. Now I'm more convinced than ever to watch the episode, because something is just weird. And of course, just before it's time for the episode to start, I wake up irl.

Ooh. I never mentioned it before, but my cousin told me about SafeLink Wireless after she saw a commercial. SafeLink is a government program for low income people to get a free phone and free minutes every month so you have a way to stay in contact. You get one of two cheap, simple phones and 68 minutes a month. Though you can add minutes on your own. They go through TracFone, though, and TracFone has the most ridiculously expensive minutes out there. They're supposed to be coming out with SafeLink airtime cards soon and I can only hope they're at least a little more affordable than TracFone. You get service time for a year, at the end of which you have to re-apply. I had heard a vague mention of it some time ago, but wasn't sure what it was all about. So I went onto the website and decided to apply. I got ok'd and just a couple days ago I got my phone. It's really cheap and has NO bells and whistles and only 68 minutes a month, but it's something I can use when I'm home and no one else is there and I need to call the Dr or something. It's basically only good for making and receiving calls. And you can text.

Did I ever mention that I got my denial from SSI? Because I did, back in October. I applied for an appeal. I also got a lawyer. She actually got my aunt her disability after she'd been denied several times over 2 years. I still need to get one paper in to her before she formally accepts the case, but she said, with my Dr.'s cooperation, it looks like I have a good chance.

Also, I'm still waiting to hear from my Job & Family Services caseworker to see if I'll be getting medicaid. I should really call her and ask tomorrow.

Let's see, phone, SSI, Medicaid...that's all i was thinking of last night...No it wasn't. One more thing.

One of the cats (kitten, really) over here died yesterday. Or more accurately got killed. Okay, accidentally killed by Thomas. rest under a cut for those who would like to avoid it )
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Had my second shot of methotrexate on Tuesday. No side effects, which is good, but also no results yet. Of course, I didn't expect any yet. The Dr. is keeping me on the steroids until the MTX starts showing some results. He said it would be a while. Especially since I'm starting on only 6.25mg. Now, I just need to remind dad to go pick up the rest of my Rx. Been off it for a bit b/c he lost his medical expense card and didn't have the cash. He just got his replacement card the other day. From most accounts, it looks like you commonly see results in the first 12 weeks, so...

Also had to get some antibiotics b/c my toe is infected again.

Ugh. I've been trying to avoid it, but i think I may have to give in. Especially after the last couple days. I think I may have to start using a cane. man, the other day in the store... I actually had to use one of those electric carts. I've tried to avoid those since the pain started. Plus before that for about a week, anytime I was in the store I could only go a couple aisles before hurting so bad I had to stop and sit on a bench or lean on something.

OH. And my 10 year High School reunion tonight. Only a couple people have said they will be there, but some are trying. I guess I'll have to see tonight. Only problem is, it's at a local cafe/bar and I have no money for drinks. I can't drink alcohol on the MTX, but I'll need some pop at least. I need to come up with maybe $5. Even at that expensive place, that should be enough for a couple pops. I'll ask dad, I guess. I wish Neal would just give me the $15-$20 he owes me.

Night before last, I had a weird dream. I worked at Princeton-Plainsboro Hospital. Well, Cuddy had triplets, but they were...liquid... I totally don't know, but the "liquid" babies looked weird. Almost like egg whites with little bits in it that started collecting and then other stuff started showing up and started turning into a baby. Well, two of them developed into babies, the other didn't. I was given the task of telling her. I kept wondering why I had to tell her and not Cameron, as she'd be better at that sort of thing. I was floundering, trying to figure out a way to tell her. Well, House keeps telling me to just say it, but I wanted to be nice about it. Well, I finally decided that I was going to have to tell her, so I went to her room. House came in while I was trying to find my words and just blurted it out. Like, "One of your babies didn't form." Everything was all quiet while she and I stared at him. A few other things happened, but nothing real significant, or "House" related. or weird. Just me calling someone and walking over there from the hospital.

Only got a couple more books read for my little challenge. But I had to wait a while to go pick up my books and got most of the way through that Poe collection. About 3/4 done.

I think there was more I wanted to say, but I can't remember what it was. I have to go take a shower soon so I can get ready to go to my reunion anyway. I didn't bring all my clothes, so I'm gonna have to go home and get dressed first.
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So, last night I had a strange dream. I was in what kind of reminded me of Bowling Green, though I can't be sure. Anyway, for some reason, all of a sudden I was in the back of a Fire Rescue truck yelling at the driver to hurry up and get to the hospital. The driver was [ profile] narniadear (who isn't even on my F-list...). Next thing I know, I'm lying in the back of a van, waking up. This time, [ profile] abrynne is the driver and [ profile] narniadear is in the passenger seat. Apparently, after the hospital (where I have NO idea what happened) we all decided to just randomly take off on a trip across the country. Somewhere along the way we decided to stop at some creek and swim, though none of us had bathing suits. in fact, we all took off on this trip without much stuff at all. Maybe one or two changes of clothes and that's it. Like, I didn't even have paper and pens. -Scandelous!- Those two hopped out and left me in the van. By the time I woke up the rest of the way and climbed to the front of the van to get out, it was rolling and they were out of sight. Some kid came and helped me stop the van and when I looked around, he led me to where those two were. All of a sudden, the dream jumps back to my house and my dad is drawing a comic of what he thinks is happening with us at that moment. Then it jumps to someone else drawing the same thing, different style. Then it hops to the kid at the creek drawing it (his style was ducks.) That was the end of that dream.

Laura and Cecily, why are you in my dreams?


A few nights ago I had a strange dream that was actually a sequel to a dream I had had months ago. I was in Sacred Heart and the whole cast of Scrubs was there. Anyway, there was this shadow thing trying to get me. Everyone there could see it and knew that if it touched me I would die so they were trying to help me out. Since the last dream of the same shadow thing, it had learned to jump into other people without killing them to hide. We discovered this when it started coming out of J.D.'s head and reaching for me. Dr. Cox pushed me behind him and stepped in the way to give me some extra time to get away. They all kept pushing me back toward a room with sliding doors so we could figure out a way to stop it. Meanwhile, the shadow thing is going from random person to random person trying to get to me quicker and a little more hidden. Dr. Cox yelled out to Dr. Reid and Carla, "Get all the files from 2006!" I guess that's when my last dream had been set. The dream ended with everyone running to get files so they could figure out what we'd learned the last time.

What is it with me dreaming about the cast of Scrubs? lol
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So, last night I had my first Stephen Colbert dream. It didn't start out that way, but he eventually did show up.

It started out that I was with a group of people next to this really deep, like 6 ft or so, ditch. Someone told us all to doggy-paddle to the other side. This other girl and I didn't want to for some reason and one of the guys who was already pulling himself up on the other side said something like, "You're just afraid because you're a girl." I told him about 'swimming' in the ditch when we were kids and jumped in.

Next thing I know I'm at someone's house. There was some large gathering of people, like a family re-union or something. I was in the kitchen and kind of trying to figure something out when I turned around and Corie was there. It wasn't her family's get together and I don't think either one of us could figure out why we were there. But we both decided to hang out since we were there and the family seemed to expect that we would be. For some reason I went through the house and wound up in a bedroom. That's when Stephen showed up. Apparently it was his room. Anyway, he had this little Stephen talking doll thing. Like, you'd flip the head and it would say things from The Colbert Report. It was kind of cool. He just sat down on the bed and talked to me/us for a little bit.

Then I was in the kitchen again doing something. I wandered back to Stephen's room again. I grabbed the doll off the shelf and for some reason went over to the bed and lay down on the bed. I was lying there playing with it next to me when Stephen came in. He wasn't mad or anything, though I seemed a bit afraid he would be. He didn't even say anything at first, just had a little smile and walked over to the bed. He lay down next to me and put his head on my chest (read:BOOBS) and reached over me and started playing with the doll. He started talking to me in this soft voice. I don't remember what he was saying, I was too focused on him lying on my chest and his arm draped over me. My whole body started trembling and my right hand started to tingle. I even remember telling him that my hand was tingling. He just smiled at me. Any time his head would move from talking or his arm would move from flipping the head of the doll I would jerk ever so slightly. (even though it was a dream, I could feel my body actually doing it.) I was getting all hot and bothered. Like, for real.

Anyway, next thing I know I'm back in the kitchen and people are starting to file outside to get their meat off the grill and to eat. I told someone their uncle was headed out. Then I went to man a table. Apparently some of us, including Corie and me, were manning some tables before we ate. I took my place at my table with the plates and napkins. Stephen was at a table across the room from me. He kept looking over, smiling and waving in this really dorky, cute way. There was this counter thing telling how much of everything was left on what tables. When Stephen's got really low, I decided I had to go get whatever he had, so I grabbed a plate and headed over there. He looked all nervous by the time I got over there. He had yet another Stephen doll with a flippy head, but this one didn't talk. When you flipped the head open there were these little compartments. He had toothpicks with different meats and cheeses on them. I chuckled at them and grabbed one of each. Then I was waking up.

But, yeah. It was a pretty hot dream. I woke up still kind of shakey from it. But why is it something in a dream will get me all turned on and then nothing happens? Either it jumps to something else or I start waking up. I can only remember ever having two real 'sex dreams'. The first was Conan. Still the hottest dream I'v ever had. The other was a Viggo dream that I only remember little flashes of. I want a good sex dream that I can remember. :(
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Why do I always have strange dreams that make no real sense? Last night I had an interesting one.

Under the cut for SEVERE length )

And that's all I remember. I don't know if it went on or stopped there.
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So, I had an interesting dream last night...
*cue Twilight Zone music* )

I have no idea.

Note to [ profile] yaoi_chan: Jealous much? ^_^
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I just had myself a very nice House dream.

Okay, so a friend (not 100% sure who) and I were roomates in a house with House. I know, House wouldn't have roomates. But he did. And it was us two chicks. *shrugs* Anyway, we were all sitting around the living room talking. Nameless friend was sitting on a couch and House and I were both sitting on the floor. Well, in the course of our convo, I mentioned that my neck had been hurting. House tells me to 'come here', so I go over and he has me lay my head in his lap. Then he slides his hand in the top of my shirt and across my chest and presses a spot near my colarbone and asks if my chest hurts. I tell him no, it's fine. He gets that look, you know, where he doesn't want to admit that his orriginal idea was wrong, and asks me something else. I tell him that it's fine, doesn't hurt even a bit. So he takes out his hand and has me start to sit up. When I do, I get this sharp pain in the side of my neck. I tell him that it's something with the muscles or something on the left side of my neck. He gets that, 'who here is the doctor?' look which changes into that, 'well, of course it is, you moron' look. So he puts his hand on my neck.

And then it's suddenly later and I'm making out with House, focusing around that wonderful stubble and neck. And that's where it ends.

Yay to my first House dream!


Aug. 14th, 2006 05:05 pm
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So I had this very, VERY strange dream last night/this morning. 

Why do I always have the really weird dreams?
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Before anything else, I'd like to wish a (somewhat late) Happy Birthday to Ranger.

Been a long boring week. Though, I have read three books this week. Two just yesterday alone. Over Tuesday and Wednesday (as I mentioned in the last post) I read The Turn of the Screw by Henry James. When I opened it I realized that I was supposed to have read it in H.S. as there were notes about the story written, by me, on the front page. I guess I skipped it b/c as I read it, I certainly didn't remember it. But then, I did that with a lot of our books in English, just listened really well in class and used that stuff for the tests.

Wednesday late, I had started to re-read Star Trek: The New Voyages 2. It's a collection of short stories (a few poems/other things) written by ST fans. It's from, like, 1977 or something, so it deals only with TOS, but it's a GREAT read for any TOS fan. If you can find it, read it. The story "The Procrustean Petard" is especially interesting.
Anyway, I had only read the intro to the first story and the first couple pages before I had to stop.

Thursday I spent the day with Dad. Was gonna help him with some of his work, but he ended up not doing it. He has to wait until tomorrow. But I did help him get a rough estimate for a gutter cover job. So he should be doing that sometime in the next couple weeks. YAY!

Yesterday I spent all day reading. Finished New Voyages 2 and also read all of The Bridge of San Luis Rey by Thornton Wilder. Not bad. Nice short book. Not too involved, but you do get to know the charachters. Next I plan to read Dubliners by James Joyce. When I dug it out, I found that I had already read the first piece in it (bookmark was at the second piece), but since I don't rememeber it, I'm going to start all over again.

Spent all day today (b/4 getting online at about 5:30) watching Star Trek TOS. Funny, last night I had a TOS dream. Don't really remember much of it. All I remember is that I was on the bridge and I heard Kirk say something about Corbomite. At first, today, I thought it was about the epi "The Corbomite Maneuver", but when that epi came on today, I realized that I had clearly seen Checkov sitting at Navigation and he wasn't a part of the crew of The Enterprise yet during that epi. I also remember there being some discussion of trying to maneuver out of firing range of some other ship, so maybe seeing that TCM was going to be on the night before, my brain decided to make it a physical strategic maneuver. I just wish I could remember the rest of it.

I want another ST dream. Or maybe a M*A*S*H dream. That would be nice.

and onto the quizzes... )
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Alright, I have to tell this dream from last night. It was strange. It was a Viggo dream...sort of...

So I was in this little diner sitting in a booth with Viggo. Only he didn't look like Viggo. He did look familiar to me, but I can't remember why. Just, he didn't really look like Viggo... But anyway, we were sitting in this booth, talking about something or other. Something I said or something he heard somehow made him hae this kind of...depressed look and he got quiet.

So then this little girl, maybe 5 or so (at least she looked about 5 or so...), came over by us. Well, apperently I knew her because as I was talking to Viggo, trying to get him to stop being all depressed, I started tickling her and making her giggle. Well, Viggo started looking at me funny, like, 'What are you doing??'. So I got the girl in the booth and kept poking at her, like you do to little kids to make them giggle, and told her, "One of these days I'm gonna bring you here and fill you full of ice cream." Of course she was happy about that. I kept telling her things like that, about getting her stuffed on ice cream. That's when Viggo started looking at me with disgust. Like I was some child molester or something. Like there was hatred in his eyes. I couldn't figure it out. I had known this little girl longer than he had. I don't know if he knew it or not. It just seemed like he was acting like tht because he was 'friendly' with said girl's mom. So anyway, he kept giving me this look of disgust while I was talking to the girl.

All of a sudden, he gets me to walk away over to this spot a little away fromthe booth. We left the little girl in the booth. So we were standing next to each other, I want to say we started dancing or something. But I don't really know if we were actually dancing. So we were close to each other, at any rate. I found my way with my back to his. Then he started telling me, "And then she puts her hand around to kind of hug him..." like he was telling me part of a script. I kept doing what he was saying. And then he said, "And then she spins around to the front..." and indicated that I would have to be facing him and kind of dip down a little. Well, I tried to do it, butit was kind of an awkward move, considering my hand was supposed to still be on the side of his face. I kind of laughed and told him, "Picture this, two figures, outlines only, with little arrows pointing saying, 'this goes this way' and 'that goes that way'." (kind of like an illustration) And we both started laughing at that. Now we decided to leave and went outside. (appently the little girl went back to where ever she came from)So we stood outside the door and talked for a minute. And that's when the dream ended.

I still can't figure out why he was lookiing at me with such disgust and hatred. I guess he didn't know that I knew the little girl. And I'm trying to figure out who the little girl was.

Something tells me that the little girl was inspired by Nena (attention GT. :p), hence Viggo's protective, yt standoffish nature about her. But then, she didn't look like little Nena... I have no idea.
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Okay, so Corie sent me vibes to have a nice sexy dream with Viggo, Conan, Johnny Depp or Orli last night. And Dianna sent me vibes to have a nice sexy Viggo dream. So who sent me the vibes that gave me last night's dream that I ACTUALLY had?? O_o

Strange dream )

So, who sent me that dream?? *looks around suspiciously*


Sep. 25th, 2005 05:31 pm
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Okay, so this morning I had a very strange dream.

Read more... )


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