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Happy 4th of July to my American friends!!

I'm going to enjoy my movie, then get on with my day as usual. What are you guys doing to celebrate?
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I am having a Star Trek (TOS) Movie Marathon today. I am currently on The Wrath of Khan. This is the best Trek movie ever.

Tomorrow I'll be starting my TNG Marathon, which will promptly followed (or, rather, overlapped at the end) by DS9. Then the TNG movies. And finally NuTrek. I can't wait! It's going to take at least a month, but it will be epic and nerdy and just plain awesome. XD
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The last of the songs from 1776:

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But I had virtually NO access to the computer until today, since brother had yesterday off work. So, I guess it's time to play catch-up.

Here's one of my favorite songs in 1776:

More under here )

And my other favorite:

That's all until tomorrow!
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And since I only did 1 yesterday:

And I'll be back with another later tonight. I want to post all the songs by the 4th.


Jun. 28th, 2010 02:54 am
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So, I don't know if anyone even noticed, but I've been missing around here for a while. Brother was on vacation this week, so I've pretty much just had enough time on the internet to check my email. And sometimes not even everyday. But brother goes back to work in the morning, so I'll be able to get back on everyday. I've just finished going over 500 back pages of missed posts. That's nearly 1000 posts. Admitted, I skipped most community posts and I need to go back and actually read a few people's posts.

Well, it's that time again, folks. Time for me to watch 1776, like, everyday. Or, at least the songs everyday until the 4th. Why, yes, I AM weird. :P I have fittingly changed my mood theme to 1776. Here, have a clip:

And, SQUEEEEE! Trailer for Red came out. I cannot watch it enough. This movie is going to be AWESOME. I swear, it has got the best cast. And it opens 2 weeks after my birthday. And I'm having a fangasm over Bruce Willis and Karl Urban being in the same movie. On opposite sides. And they have a fight scene. Hello porn for Christina. LOL Seriously, the only thing that can make the movie even better than the trailer is if those two have a stand-off/shoot-out.

I'm trying to decide if I want to read the Graphic novel before or after I see the movie. I know they are actually pretty different. I didn't read the graphic novel of A History of Violence until after I'd seen the movie. I was a bit disappointed they didn't stick a little closer to the novel, if only for the ending. It's weird because the actual ending of it is kind of something I could see Cronenberg doing. I read the graphic novel of Watchmen before seeing the movie. I was actually alright with the movie. I'm not gonna lie, there were problems, but overall it was good. I don't know, I'll see if I get around to it before the movie comes out, so I have 3 1/2 months to decide.

Um, that's all I can think of for now. I'll be back later, probably with another 1776 clip. Now, I am tired and I need to go to sleep.
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So, I went with my cousin Marina to see the first showing of Public Enemies on Wednesday. Pretty awesome movie. Johnny was hot as ever and it had a good amount of shooting with some humor thrown in.

I did have a small problem with it, though. They have 'Pretty Boy' Floyd being killed at the beginning. He was killed 3 months after Dillinger.

Interesting fact involving Floyd: In 1931 he and William 'Billy the Killer' Miller and their girlfriends were in Bowling Green, Ohio spending some money when a store clerk at the Uhlman's Clothing store recognized them and alerted the police. A shootout ensued and a police officer, R.H. Castner, was killed. Miller was killed by the Police Chief. Castner is still the only BGPD officer to have died in the line of duty.

For perspective, Bowling Green is the next town over, about 7 miles from my house. I actually have a feeling of exactly where it happened. I know it's supposed to be on Prospect, near Clough. I always get a weird feeling in this one specific spot of Prospect right near the intersection. I think that's where it was.
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I would have done this yesterday, but I got distracted and didn't get over to LJ until about 15 minutes before brother got home.

Not really feeling all that great today. My toe is severely infected again. Dad has surgery to remove a lump on his head (just a calcium deposit on his forehead, nothing serious) on Friday and I'm going to drive him home afterward. Since I'll have, like, five hours I'm going to their ER (NOT the one I've been going to) to see what they'll be able to do. They're a good hospital and not incompetent like my local hospital. Hopefully they'll take care of it. They usually have specialists they can call in day or night to do stuff. *fingers crossed*

Star Trek was AWESOME! Much better than I expected. Bravo Chris Pine, you proved me wrong. My favorite part was McCoy chasing Kirk around giving him injections. Needed more Scotty. And old Spock.

Wolverine... It was good for what it was, but I wasn't as impressed as with the other three. And that says a lot, since I wasn't a giant fan of X3. The whole Deadpool thing bothered me. But I may just be a big nerd. And since when could ALL mutants easily clamber up walls like there was basically no gravity? Sabertooth, okay. But Gambit? Really? Being able to control energy makes you able to run up a wall like nothing? Wish I'd known that.

Sorry, I'd have more comprehensive reviews, but brother will be back soon and I need to get off here pretty quick when he does. Hopefully I'll get more of a chance to be on tomorrow, as I've got a little bit to vent about. We'll see.
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Saw Star Trek and Wolverine yesterday. Will comment later. On Corie's comp for just a little bit.

Or not

May. 19th, 2009 11:13 pm
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Stupid brother. So I got up, earlier than usual since I normally sleep a LOONNNGGG time on Tuesday & Thursday, and was getting ready to shower when I was informed that brother "didn't know" he was taking me to the mall today. He wasn't "sure he would have the time". This was 2 hrs before he had to leave for work. That's code for "too bad, I just don't feel like taking you". So I told him I was not missing Star Trek and Wolverine and he'd just have to take me on Saturday. And since I'd be missing the matinee all-day price, he'd be paying the difference. He said that was okay. He wants to see Wolverine anyway. Although, part of my wanting to go all by myself today was to get away from everyone for once. Whatever. They're supposed to go to the zoo this weekend. Although, I won't count on it until they're actually pulling out the driveway.
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Spending tomorrow at the movies. I'm going to see Star Trek first, then Wolverine, then 17 Again. Doing a triple feature because both dad and brother have to be to work by 3pm and neither of them gets off until after 11pm. I'll be stuck at the mall, so I figure I might as well see all the movies I've been wanting to see. My only problem is that I need to find something to do for the hour before the first one and the 1 1/2 hrs between the first and second and the 45 min between the last two. I'll have to see if brother will let me take one or two of his mangas. I'd take a book, but all my books are where I can't easily get to them. And I've read them all.

So, I won't be around tomorrow. Ugh, I need to get to bed soon. As soon as I'm done geeking out over Quantum Leap and finish this epi. Tomorrow I need to dig out one of my Star Trek shirts.
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Just updating.

I don't think I said anything before, but back in October I got an ingrown toenail that got infected and didn't heal right. It then developed granulation tissue (or "proud flesh'). It was supposed to heal on its own. It's not. 4 months later and it's barely gone away. I went back into the ER to get it taken care of and the doc REFUSED to do anything! Um, hello? Can't do that, Mr. doctor-man! Ohio has a law about ERs refusing service to anyone. When I told him about the proud flesh, he didn't even know what I was talking about. Then he told me about ingrown toenails, as if the extra tissue was the side of my toe and the toenail was under that. Uh...wrong again, buddy. I was told by several people to go into the ER and they'd just slice it off. Well, he told me that if he cut anything it would "just bleed all over". Seriously. Um...they have this invention now, doc. I believe they're called bandages. He was also extremely rude, saying on several occasions, "I can't do anything about it" before walking out of the room. The next day (it was 3 am when I went in) I called the hospital and filed a complaint about him. I'm supposed to hear something back as soon as tomorrow. Really, I just want them to say they'll take care of it. I'll drop it if they do. If not, I'm getting ahold of a malpractice lawyer. I need this taken care of. It hurts and I got a second infection in it (which Dr. Idiot prescribed an antibiotic for, luckily). I also have to stand in a wedding in 2 1/2 months and with this I can't wear dress shoes. BTW, did I mention that it hurts?

Also, upon urging from my dad, I've started the Disability application process. Just started that today. He seems to think I'll get accepted. I'm not so upbeat about it, having seen what they put him through only to end up denying him. And my aunt got accepted but it took her almost 2 years, I think. Whatever. We'll see.

Kids seem to be behaving a little better. Most of the time. Hopefully they'll get better over the summer.

On a lighter note, I've been playing a LOT of PokéMon on Gameboy Advance. I had the game nearly won. I only had 3 more towns to go to and a couple gyms to win. Then last night Thomas started a new game and saved it. You can only have one game saved at a time. Yeah.

Ooh! I saw Taken! OMG! Awesome!

I can't wait until May 8th! Star Trek! I still don't know what to think about it. Guess I'll HAVE to see it. *g*

Now, I think it's time to eat. *waves*
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ganked from [ profile] gutentag1

Put "I've seen ____ of these 168 movies" in the subject line and repost. If you've seen over 85 movies, you have no life. Mark the ones you've seen. There are 168 movies on this list.

How much of a life do I have? )
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I've just seen the non-TV edit of Maybe Baby earlier today. Finally. I didn't realize that there was so much unclothed/shagging Hugh in it! Such a different story with all the bits. When they show it on TV, the few times I've seen it anyway, they completely cut out the part where Lucy has the little fling with Carl. Lucy and Sam talking about her maybe having been pregnant in the car makes SOOOO much more sense now.

And I just love that Sam's guilt and the stress it's causing brings on his Psoriasis. Classic. And, omg, that scalp and behind the ear stuff is horrid. Hate it. For most people, that's just a little bit that is fairly inconsequential and is just a vehicle to show that he actually feels bad about not telling Lucy what he's doing. For me, I know that feeling. I know how awful it can be. So freaking itchy. (In fact, just seeing him itch on-screen makes every tiny bit of Psoriasis on my body, especially my scalp, itch like you wouldn't believe.) It would drive me (and does sometimes) to distraction. I'm half surprised he could finish his script with that popping up suddenly. But then it wasn't really noticeable. And I love his one line about it, "The cruelest aspect of an incurable condition is that everybody knows a cure." It's funny because it's so true. You wouldn't believe the crazy things I've heard. Heck, even the crazy things doctor's put me through when I was a kid. Okay, enough off topic rambling.

The only thing I've been able to think since the first time I caught a piece of this movie on TV, which was only cemented by the viewing of the uncut movie, is that Hugh is just... beyond absolutely gorgeous. And that accent. *dreamy sigh* Although, now I keep thinking in that accent. I can't decide whether that's good or bad. I guess it doesn't make a difference, as long as I don't start speaking in an accent. That would be classic me. LOL

And another little bit about Hugh. I was looking at some pics of him online today. And while I still think he was gorgeous back in the day, I don't think he hit his peak until the late 90s. I think he's one of those guys that just gets better with age.
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I'm feeling very random today, so this post might not make a lot of sense.

I saw Over the Hedge yesterday with spaceygirl-1Corie. Brilliant. I laughed throughout the entire thing. We wanted to go see X3 originally, but because we had to pick Paul up from work and it started before he got off, we decided to see Over the Hedge instead. I was going to go see X3 with Paul today, but decided at the last minute not to since I only have $5 and the matinee is $3.50. I'll just have to wait until later in the week or something to see it. But I WILL see it in the theater.

Was watching the Star Trek marathon on G4 earlier and the episode "The Gamesters of Triskelion" was on. Paul noticed that later in the epi, when Kirk is talking to Shahna in his cell, that if you look in the upper-left corner of the screen, you can see the shadow of a boom mic on the rocks. We had a little chuckle over it.

I can't get the songs from Anchors Aweigh and On the Town out of my head.
Especially "You're Awful" and "New York, New York" from OtT. I really need to do some caps from both movies and make some icons.

And a few quizzes from all over my F-list:
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May. 24th, 2006 05:38 pm
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· Dad figured out why the comp was acting funny and freezing after we got it back from Clayton. Apparently the memory wasn't making good contact. He took it out and put it back in and it's been working great ever since.

· Got one of the movies I ordered, Anchors Aweigh, in the mail today. Should get On The Town tomorrow or Friday. Yes, I'm on a Gene Kelly kick again.

· Cute little joke my brother Paul told me last night that I absolutely loved.

Why does a chicken coop have two doors?

Because if it had four doors, it would be a chicken sedan.

I'm STILL laughing about that one.

· Also nifty little thing from [personal profile] carelessmemory:
Find a friend

· Also, got The Flu today. And TB and The Plague.

I now have my very own Fluey*.   YAY!

*Fluey, as seen on LNwCOB
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First off, when one of them (Neal.  He's the BAD one.  The gun incident...) came home he ate a Honey Bun and decided that MY FACE was the perfect place to put the wrapper.  He's such a CHILD!  Whatever.  Not a big deal, but annoying anyway.

Then one of them (Paul{y}), I asked him if he'd keep my photobucket accts upgraded for me since I STILL haven't found a job.  I borrowed a phone from someone and called him and the phone went dead a couple times before I got the question out.  Then I got it all out and it cut out.  So I called back to get his answer.  HE F*CKING IGNORED ME WHEN I CALLED BACK!  WTF?  Like $18 is gonna kill him?  He knows that as soon as I get the money I'll get it to him.  I'v paid him back money that he FORGOT he had loaned me before.  So what's his problem now?  I mean, COME ON!  $18!!  It's not like I'm asking for $1800!

At least ONE of them (Clayton {Iggy}) was nice to me.  (WHAT?  And he's even the one that's usually a little annoying at least.)  He snapped a couple pics I've been needing for me.  And then he let me watch Bourne Supremecy.  I have only ONE word to describe Kirill... GUH! Talk about THUD-worthy!  And Karl speaking Russian.  YUMMY!  Unfortunately I don't think I'll be watching it again anytime soon, since I HATE Matt Damon with a PASSION!  Almost as much as I hate Tom Cruise.  And if you know me AT ALL, you know that's pretty bad...

Then, Neal and his friend decided to watch movies in the living room (read:I sleep on the couch) while I was upstairs in Clayton's room watching BS (hehe).  Well, they fell asleep, so I've been up ALL NIGHT, 'caus I've had no place to go to sleep.  So it's either sleep all day, or DON'T sleep at all today.  What to do...

Speaking of Kirill...I'm serious, Anita.  We need to write that Kirill movie.  And since we'll be the screen-writers, we'll HAVE to be there for the *CRUCIAL* scenes.  **wink, wink** *g*.

And, yes, Anita, I'm working on Chapter 2 right now.

Okay, I just noticed something.  Lately, like the last few months, I've been capitalizing whole words a LOT.  I have BOLD and ITALIC buttons right in front of me, but I go through the trouble of capitalizing.  I think I spend too much time chatting with Anita.

ETA: Oh, yeah! But at least I finally got around to making my new siggie!


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