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Snagged this Beatles survey from [ profile] cutothechase.

Beatles survey! )
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It's a little late in the day, but...

Can you believe he's 69?!

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I know it's a little late, but...

Paul McCartney is 66 today! Happy B-day, Paul!

[EDIT]Oops. I mean 67. Can you tell I'm not a Paul person?[/EDIT]


May. 5th, 2009 01:18 am
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I've done a couple icon posts over at my graphics journal [ profile] katorea over the last two days.

Beatles Buttons and John Lennon
Contest #2 Submissions for [ profile] beatle_icontest
Thenewno2 icons


Apr. 25th, 2009 02:26 am
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I just can't get over some of these...

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URGH! I need a paid account so bad. I'm so sick of only having 15 icons to choose from, and none of them George/Beatles. I think after I get paid for watching the kids for almost a week in May, I'm going to upgrade again.

I'm going to be up and down while typing this because I'm in the middle of making dinner and washing laundry. Not that you'll notice.

Anyway, now that dinner is sitiated...

I really wish my toe would hurry up and heal. Both sides have proud flesh now. And the last few days it has hurt like you wouldn't believe. Of course, kids kicking and stepping on it don't help much...

The boys have been unholy terrors lately. Well, Thomas and Connor anyway. Connor is going through this phase where he thinks he can tell his big brothers what to do and they have to listen. And that's on top of the two of them thinking they don't have to listen to anyone anymore. At least Ryan's always pretty good. Even on his bad days he's about even with the other two's good days. Oh, and speaking of Ryan, I think he's got himself a little first grade girlfriend. Apparently, she walks him the the bus to come home and the other day she gave him a little note. It had her name and something I can't read (though it looks like another name) on it. But she gave it to him, so...

Ugh. I didn't get to do or say everything I wanted to, but Brother and Corie are on their way home and I'm sure brother will want his comp back.

And on a totally random note: I totally love Ringo's dancing. He sure has got the moves!

Some Icons

Jul. 22nd, 2008 05:03 pm
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[x] Feel free to use.
[x] Please credit either [ profile] domino43 or [ profile] katorea
[x] Textless may be edited any way you see fit. I'm not an icon nazi. :p But credit for the base would be nice, though not necessary.
[x] Please comment if taking.

[21] The Beatles
[22] Conan O'Brien



Over @ my graphics journal.

Real post later.
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And in case GT thinks "99 Luftbaloons" and "Du Hast" are the only songs I know in German...

The Beatles - Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand

The Beatles - Sie Liebt Dich

When the original English versions of these come on, I actually have to force myself NOT to sing these ones.

And since I know you probably will, go ahead and bring on the criticisms. :) I'm actually kind of curious.
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Okay, everyone around here knows I'm not the biggest Paul McCartney fan, but I have to wish him a HAPPY 66th BIRTHDAY.

How/why I have Paul alone pics (especially scantilly clad), I have NO idea. *shrugs* )
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The kids have been getting into the Beatles recently. I've been listening to a lot of Beatles, so they've been hearing it a lot lately. Connor dances to all the early stuff. It's really funny. The other night he was eating and dancing to 'Boys'. He couldn't stand still long enough to take more than a bite at a time.

Robbie's favorite is obviously Ringo. In fact, he says that Ringo is his boyfriend. I call George (and Dhani, Viggo, Karl, Conan, etc.) "My Sexy". Robbie asked if Ringo was my sexy and I said, not really, he was really awesome, but he's not really my sexy. Robbie was like, "He's MY sexy." And whenever he sees or hears Ringo he's all, "Ringo's my boyfriend."

Ryan is always talking about the Yellow Submarine. Such-and-such is in the Yellow Submarine, Yellow Submarine this, Yellow Submarine that. Last night he asked me how to spell(he's learning how to spell now, more on that some other time.) Yellow Submarine. I think it was too hard b/c he just looked at me instead of repeating it.

Speaking of YS, when Robbie saw it for the first time his first reaction was "That's WEIRD!" Of course, it was the part in the house...

That's all I can think of for now.
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Brother came home last night with a copy of "Alice in Wonderland" he found at Kroger, of all places, for $10. Watched it today with the kids. I had forgotten how much I like this movie. Ringo as the Mock Turtle is the greatest. (hehehe accidental Ringo joke!) And the tights! YOUNG John Stamos is great. I really need to get a copy all my own one of these days.

Speaking of Beatles...I'm still wary about this Scorsese George Harrison Documentary. Maybe it's because I've never really liked Scorsese. Whatever. We'll see.

AH! I'm so looking forward to "The Wonder Pets Save The Beetles"! I think it's on Nicelodeon next Monday. I HAVE to see it! I watched a preview on an OnDemand channel and I was giggling so giddily at all the Beatle references, I nearly passed out. For serious. In the couple minute preview there were some obvious song references (Octopus's Garden, Help, etc.), the Beetles are in a "Yellowish Submarine", the hair, the (bad) accents...
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I was sitting in brother's room on his bed talking with Corie and thinking on my George/Ringo slash and I started doodling on myself.

Keep in mind, I can't draw.
Doodley-doo )

Checking in

Apr. 3rd, 2008 09:41 pm
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So, Ryan ended up waking up the next day after my last post totally fine. But Robbie was sick, all that day. Unlike Ryan, he actually slept. He was fine yesterday. Corie was sick, today. I'm still a little sick. Still a slight infection, but nothing terrible. Hopefully by the end of the weekend I'll be fine.

Urgh. So, I want to write a Beatle slash with George and Ringo. I'm having a bit of trouble deciding how... sexual to actually make it. Do I want to simply imply (you know, keep my little innocent Georgie innocent), do I want a little kissing/touching (I actually have a little scene worked out for that), or do I want all out sex? Keep in mind, it's to take place in about '61 when the Beatles came back to Hamburg (as did Rory Storm & the Hurricanes) after George being deported the year before for only being 17, so he's only just 18 and Ringo is 21. Thoughts?

Anything else? Hmmmm... Actually, I think, that's it for right now.

*Did I just say "actually" as many times as I think I did?
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Welcome back to the world, Kat. Have a pretty little Beatle spam. (notice I personally chose some wonderful bulge shots for you. ^_^)

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So, I had an interesting dream last night...
*cue Twilight Zone music* )

I have no idea.

Note to [ profile] yaoi_chan: Jealous much? ^_^
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hehehe. Beatles Meme

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Revelations and The End.

Chapter 14 )


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