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May. 2nd, 2012 06:19 pm
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Blugh. Had a Dentist appointment this morning. I had a couple little cavities on two of my molars (not bad since I haven't been able to go to the dentist in about 14 years.) Since I was supposed to be getting cleared for surgery, he wanted to take care of them right away. Also, he had to take a second set of x-rays, this time for my jacked up wisdom teeth, and insurance/medicaid only allows 1 set per appointment. So they set me up an appointment for this afternoon. Went back at 2:30 and got my other set of x-rays and my teeth filled. I'm just starting to get the feeling back in my lip and tongue.

Also, my wisdom teeth are too broken and starting to abscess, so I have to see an oral surgeon. The closest one that accepts my insurance/medicaid is a little over an hour away. But I have to get them taken care of before I can get surgery. I called to set up my appointment after I got my referral and got home. They have to have a consultation before they can actually remove the teeth and they can't even do that until June 11th. So, now I have to call my Ortho in the morning and let them know that my surgery needs put off for, probably, a couple months.

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I wanted to update yesterday about the day I had, but by the time I got home, I just wasn't up for it. Then I wanted to post sometime earlier today, but I just kept putting it off. I'm making myself do it now. (This is an abridged version.)

OMG U GAIZ! Monday was the worst day I've had in a while.the rest of the wall o' text is under here )

Wow. That ended up much longer than I expected.

tl;dr - My alarm didn't go off, I was half an hour late to the Dr., I was locked out of the WITH the keys and it took 6 more hours for me to leave.
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Let's do this one a little differently and see how it works out...

Okay, let's see. I've read 50/64 of the V.C. Andrews books. 2-3 weeks of books left to read and about a month and a half left of the year. I think I made pretty good time. And speaking of books, I am dingy. When I went to my appointment, I took the last two books I had just finished so I could take them back and pick up the next 9. I got there and turned off the car and then realized, "It's noon and there are only 2 cars here... *facepalm* It's Veteran's Day! They're closed today." So I had to drive around the block to drop the books in the after-hours drop box.

Like I said before, the Dr. doubled my MTX from 6.25mg to 12.5mg. It was such a small dose before I really didn't feel it, but this time It really stung and actually kind of hurt for a few minutes. It's so thick, too. I am definitely NOT looking forward to getting these shots now every week. *meep* With the increase, he's hoping I see some improvement quicker. Haven't seen any yet. Most people seem to say it takes about 12 weeks to see any real results, so I'm about halfway there.
Also, since I got back on my Prednisone (didn't have the money to get it for a couple weeks), I feel a little better. Pain has already gone down a tiny bit. Hopefully in a few more days it will be even better. I need to get a refill as soon as dad gets paid, though.

Also, as I said before, Corie has Mono. Still can't figure out where she got it, but she does. So, I'll be here a few days to help out until the fatigue starts wearing off a bit and she feels up to it. The kids seem like they should be okay. They haven't been too bad lately. We'll see after a few days.

As I said in my mini!post, I've been around (quite a bit, actually), but I just haven't really felt up to posting. There have been so many things I've wanted to say/rant about, but I just didn't feel it. I've been reading and commenting when I had something to say, so I haven't been ignoring you all. Just been kind of blah lately. I think I've been mostly tired.

I wish I had steady internet access/a reliable computer. I kind of wish I was taking part in NaNo. Can you believe I've never NaNo'd? Oh, well. One of these years, I guess. I just want to work on something. I have a couple things I need to finish (anyone remember me mentioning a certain George/Ringo Slash I wanted to write? Well I started it shortly after that, but then got quite stuck. A few weeks ago, I nearly doubled it in length, but it needs more. I just need to figure out a couple transitions and details and I should be able to finish it. Plus, that Kirill-Hans story I mentioned forever and a half ago over at VFB. I have that thing a little over half done and need to finish it, as well. AND I need to finish that Karl/Anita story. *headdesk* So much to write, but not quite enough muse to go around. And nowhere to keep it all in one place. And, and, and...

Okay. I think I'm done for now. Let's see how this post looks when it's posted. Just wanted to do something a little different.
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Still at brother's. Dad came to get me last night, but they weren't back at 2:30am, so he had to go home, since he works today. I fell asleep before they got home, which was probably about 4 or 5am. The way it looks now, he'll be taking me home after he gets home from work tonight. He's putting in deadbolts right now, so he won't have time to take me before work. Whatever. Doesn't really matter to me.

I'm feeling very melancholy today. I know part of it is because I'm tired. The rest, I don't know. I'm just sort of... Blah. Guess I'm just in one of those moods. Maybe it's the prednisone. It can cause mood changes. And fatigue/insomnia. Which would explain how tired I've been lately. Maybe I'll feel better later. All I know is that I need to tell the Dr. that the pain is getting worse again, see if I need to start on the Naproxen again. Or something. I don't know. We'll see what he has to say.

On the book front... I've fallen way behind with this last book. I'm only about 1/3 through it, though under normal circumstances I'd be just about done with it, or maybe done. I just couldn't concentrate on reading yesterday. I couldn't hold my eyes open and actually had to take a nap in the early evening.

Well, I guess it's time to go take my prednisone and find some lunch.
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I've decided ^that^ is Ryan's new theme song. The twins went to the dentist Monday. I guess Ryan was being mouthy and kept telling the hygienist that he didn't have to do what she said and to get her hands out of his mouth. At least once he told her, "I will bite you." And he did. They had to do his x-rays 3 times because he was moving so much. The boy is a freak of nature. He's 5 1/2 and he's got all his baby teeth. Like, including his 6 and 12-year molars. How does a 5-year-old have his 12-year molars already? They weren't concerned about it. He's also got his first loose tooth. That should fall out by this weekend. They also said he should have all his adult teeth before too long at the rate his teeth are growing. He also has 2 cavities. He's going back Friday to get them fixed. Because of how much he moved, they're thinking they'll have to knock him out to do it. They don't want to accidentally drill his gums or cheek. RobbieThomas'* exam went well. Dentist said his teeth are perfect. He was extremely well behaved considering this was their first trip to the dentist and he was terrified for the whole week or two before they went.
*They're changing his name to Thomas as soon as they get the DNA results in a week or so. Gotta start calling him that now.

OMG. I'm about to rip my hair out. Connor is driving me batty. He's gotten to his "terrible 2s" even though he's nearly 4. He's gotten extremely nosey and has this sense of entitlement. It's crazy. And he will not listen to me no matter what. None of my punishments work, none of Corie's, none of brother's. He'll cry and then be good for a little while, then go right back to what he was doing to get him in trouble. I'm about to string him up by the toes.

Brother is on vacation this week. They were going to take the kids to the zoo Saturday, but I just found out that they can't afford it now. They spent more than half the money he had left driving around looking for a certain pipe they needed for the new well pump. Turns out they didn't absolutely need it. Dad just cut it off for them and he's just going to set it about a foot higher in the well. It won't hurt anything. They've been over there everyday, all day working on getting the house all clened and everything fixe and stuff moved around since Saturday. Everyone has to be out of here in 1 1/2 - 2 weeks. It's going to be hectic. Brother wants to start moving things like movies and books over starting tomorrow. Besides a few appointments they have for the next couple of days, they'll be out there the rest of the week. Their zoo trip was supposed to be my break from the kids. WAAAH! No I'm not going to get a break for who knows how long. I'm going to go insane by next week.

Plus, I haven't been sleeping well. I'm tired all day. And my back has been hurting. And I've been having headaches everyday. Yelling at Connor all time isn't helping those. I think part of it is CONNOR these kids getting me so frustrated all the time lately. And Corie turns the A/C on as soon as it hits 70 outside. I get cold and it hurts my joints. I keep telling her that just b/c it's 70 outside doesn't mean it it inside. And she leaves it on all night. The bedroom is a couple rooms away from the kitchen, where the A/C is, and it gets really hot in there at night. I understand that. But then it gets chilly in the living room. It makes it a bit uncomfortable for me. I NEED A VACATION! I can't wait til we're all moved in. I need a real bed again and I can take naps when I do. And the twins should be starting kindergarten in the middle of August. YAY.

Ugh. I guess that's about it for now. I really need to get to bed. I should probably eat something, since all I've had today is some ramen and french fries for lunch but i think I'm too tired. bleh.

meh :\

Mar. 31st, 2008 08:55 pm
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I've felt like crap the past few days and it seems like it's getting worse. I've got a bad sinus infection. It's making my throat raw and it hurts a lot. I've been drinking mint tea for a few days and it seems like it's helping with the pain and some of the stuffiness for a little while. Then it comes back. I feel extra crappy today. I'm achy too. And a little nauteated. I think my sinuses are draining into my stomach, causing my intestinal problems. I need a nap, but I feel bad taking one. I know Corie really wouldn't mind, but I still feel bad.

And poor little Ryan caught my infection somehow, even though I've been trying to avoid close contact with them. Middle of the evening yesterday he suddenly got tired and didn't want to eat. He had a burger from BK and had some ice cream (after a little nap in the booth at Dairy Queen). When we got home he napped some more. I made him wake up so I could take his coat off him and he was hot. I let him sit a little while o I could see if it was a fever or not. When he said he was cold I knew he had a fever. A pretty bad one. And brother's thrmometer was broken (thanks to Connor putting it under water). Corie got him into a cool bath and as he was finishing up he threw up the ice cream. Poor kids been feeling terrible since then. He's been in bed all day. He's oinly been able to muster up the strength and appitite to eat 2 pieces of toast and a few spoonfuls of chicken broth. And Connor and Corie are starting to get sick again, even though they were both sick last week with sinus infections and that's where I got it. Robbie and brother are the only ones not getting sick. Brother's at work all day so I can see why he wouldn't get sick, but Robbie won't stay away from sick people. I don't know why he's not getting sick.
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So I went to donate plasma yesterday (Keith had a black eye and some bruises on his chin. *awww*) but my iron was too low. Okay, reschedule for today. No problem. Made sure I took an extra multi-vitamin and ate so much Malt-O-Meal (lots of iron) this morning I actually almost got nauseated. There was this horrible wait today. Lots of people that work the front were off. No Keith today *tear*. Anyway, they finally got to me and my iron was the same as yesterday. WTF? How does that even happen? Needless to say, that pretty much put me in a bad mood because I had to use the last of my money for gas. By the time I got home I was tired already. Couldn't find anything to eat. Everyone else got to go out. I should have taken a nap/went to bed early since everyone was gone for a while. BTW, did I forget to mention that we have 6 extra people staying here, half of whom are very small, very loud, quite hyper children 4 and under? Corie, my cousin (her 'bf'), their kids and their roommate Sidra. So, yeah, not much sleep for Dom lately. That's also why I haven't been online a lot lately. My stupid freaking cousin is on here, like, all day and night on his days off and the days he does work, I'm helping with the kids anyway. Not that if/when I do get on the comp I get any uninterrupted time anyway. Plus, Corie and Sidra and I spend so much time dealing with children who want their father's attention, and don't ever get it because he's a deadbeat, that the house really, REALLY needs cleaned and the dishes really, REALLY need done. I just know when they move into their new place (they're hoping this weekend) I will be the one stuck with all their left over trash and having to do dishes I didn't use. Well, me and Dad. He's been complaining to me an awful lot about it, though he doesn't say anything to Corie like he should. And that has put me in a worse mood.

I'm taking a wild guess that I won't be in a good mood tomorrow either. All I know is that the day after they're all moved out...I'm going to bed and not getting up unless I abso-bloody-lutely have to!
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Sorry I haven't been on in, like, FOREVER. Lots going on this week. But before I go on, thanks to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday. *hugs f-list*

And on to the stress and reason I haven't been on.

On Tuesday morning I went downstairs to go to the bathroom, but Uncle was in there. No big deal. WAited for a while, couldn't hold it anymore, had to improvise. Went back upstairs and started to drift off to sleep. Just about then, dad got up to go to the bathroom. I told him that about half an hour before Uncle had still been in there, so good luck. (Uncle had been pretty sick for a few days, so I didn't think too much of him taking a long time in the bathroom.) A few minutes later, dad calls me downstairs, so I go down. He's all "Go see if you can get a response out of him, I can't." So I went to the bathroomn door and called Uncle's name, no response and he was breathing funny. Dad called the ambulance. We were afraid he'd had another stroke. The ambulance finally made it here (is it bad that our town's main EMS workers just have to hear our last name and know where to go without an addy?) and got him to the hospital. Our little backyard guest made his way up by that point and we were talking about stuff while dad was getting ready so it took dad about an hour to get to the hospital. After a while, I went back to bed and had a small nap. When I got up I called dad to see what was going on.

Apperently, Uncle had been losing blood over the last week (he just had a 2 unit transfusion last Monday) and his blood pressure was so low that he was passing out. And where he thought he just had a bad cold, he had pnuemonia in one lung. They had to put him in the ICU to get rid of that before they could find out where he was leaking blood. He had 3 units by Tuesday night.

Well, just a little bit ago, dad got a call saying that they didn't think he was going to make it through the day and he didn't want to be alone, so he just headed off to the hospital. It's sad, but it's not really unexpected. He's been so frail lately and he just started Chemo about 2 weeks ago. Dad and I were kind of expecting this.

Well, now that I've thoroughly depressed you all, I have an appointment later and I still have to program the DVD player into our new Universal remote. I should get downstairs.
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Finally home.

Spent Friday and Saturday at Corie's. She needed me to babysit on Saturday while she went to her youngest sister's graduation party, so I just spent the night Friday night. Saturday morning there was a "faith" fair in the courtyard of their apartment somplex, so we took the kids outside. They had some animals (2 miniature horses, 2 donkeys, 2 baby goats, a giant rabbit, a pot-bellied pig, and a llama), balloons, free cotton candy, water and popcorn, and these little puppet-show things. The boys absolutely LOVED the animals. Robbie spent the entire time we were out there trying to touch the llama, but he wouldn't have it. I don't think he liked all the little kids running around him and he certainly didn't like the balloons they had.
When Corie left and I was trying to get the boys' lunch ready, they all snuck back outside. Do you have any idea how annoying it is to run down 3 little kids and corale them back inside when they REALLY don't want to be there? When they went out, Robbie had his and Ryan's balloons and let them go. Ryan was so pitiful sounding the rest of the day asking in a sad voice where his balloon was. Robbie was just a brat the rest of the day. Connor too, but not as much. Left there and came home Sunday morning.

I've just been sitting around the house since then. I'm so glad that it cooled down a little and it's a LOT less humid than this time last week. Expecially since Clayton came and took his air conditioner. I went into my room yesterday afternoon to take a nap and it was missing and the window was closed. Oh well. I didn't have it plugged in anyway, so no big loss.

I guess Paul's car is more broken than he thought, so he'll probably be getting a new one sooner than expected. Luckily he didn'tget laid off this summer he just got transfered to his company's new plant. Hopefully when he does get a new car, he'll let me use it to go to Findlay. At least until I can get a job and get something to drive.

I've been feeling so...blah and depressed since I got home yesterday. Like, it feels like I've been home for 3 or 4 days. And it's barely been one and a half. I think I'm going into depressed mode again.

Also, if I don't show up anywhere for a few days at a time for a while, it's because the comp is acting up again. Dad needs to get compatible parts so that it will quit. One of these days.

until next time... )


Jun. 1st, 2006 01:47 am
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So, the past week hasn't been the greatest. The memory on dad's computer lost contact again. And of course I don't know how to fix that. Dad fixed it last night (Tuesday). Then it was too hot for it to work, so I had to put my fan in his room, under the computer desk, so that it could stay cool enough. It was working fine when we left home in the morning.

OMG! It's been UNGODLY hot and humid at home! Since my fan was sacrificed to the comp, I ended up only getting 3 hours of sleep, at best. I woke up at 4am and couldn't get back to sleep. Now I'm so tired I'm surprised I haven't passed out yet. But I'm at Paul's right now, so I should be able to get some sleep tonight. I hope he'll let me borrow a few dollars tomorrow. I'm broke and I need a heavy duty extension cord for my air conditioner so that I can sleep. Unfortunately, Paul needs to get a new car so I may not be able to borrow much. Hopefully I can find a cheap cord.

Also, Dad lost his phone on Friday. He remembers having it at 'work' (side job - kinda) during the day but when he got home from his real job on Saturday morning he couldn't find it. We've turned the house upside down. He thought he left it at the shop before going to real work, but when he went in on Tuesday it wasn't there. People had tried to call him over the weekend and it just went straight to voice-mail, so it's dead. If he can't find it soon he's going to have to buy a new phone. That's gonna suck.

And I need to find a way to start getting to Findlay again. Paul's car is on its last legs, so he doesn't want it driven that far. And Neal broke the van, the alternator doesn't work suddenly, so I can't even borrow that. Dad's truck uses way too much gas. And besides, he hasn't replaced the Fly Wheel yet. Even though he's had it for a couple weeks. It's just been too wet to get under it. Hopefully someone will have a working car soon. I need money.

I guess that's all that really happened in the past week. It was just too hot and humid to do anything. But the humidity and heat are supposed to start dropping drastically tomorrow, so hopefully things will be better.

Urgh. Clayton needs to go home and Paul needs to finish cooking his spaghetti so that I can go to sleep.
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God Bless HBO On Demand! So Sunday Night I was laying on the couch watching Big Love when I saw that starting Monday HBO On Demand was going to have the whole season available. So Monday I watched episodes 1-3 and yesterday I watched 4 and 5. So now I'm all caught up on the whole season. YAY!

Monday, went home, did nothing. Same for Tuesday. Wednesday I picked up brother's car from him at work. Went to Plasma appointment, brother took me home when I picked him up from work. Rest of the day was boring. Thursday boring as well. Friday morning Paul left for Chicago for his Con. I got here shortly after and went to my appointment. Corie went for the first time. When she donates the second time, I get a $15 "Buddy Bonus". Woo!

Since brother is gone all weekend, I'm crashing here at his house. Gonna have dad pick me up on his way home from work Tomorrow morning.

Last night after my entry I got all ready to go to bed. SO I lay down about 4. I was so tired, my eyes were watering. I woke up about an hour later, in pain. My back's been out for a while. And there's something pinched in it too. I got back to sleep after a few minutes, only to wake up again at 7:30. I was in so much pain I couldn't breathe, and I was almost crying. And of course, Paul never uses Aspirin oor anything so I couldn't take anything for it. Although, if I thought I could make it out to the car and over to Corie's, I would have gone over there to see if I could swipe one of cousin's pain pills for his shoulder. But I knew I'd never make it. Besides, I wasn't sure if anyone would be up at that time. (turns out she was up then)

Last time my back was out really bad and I could barely walk, I laid on brother's floor (it's concrete with a little padding and carpet) for about an hour or so and when I got up I was all better. So I decided to try that. But it was really awkward for some reason. I laid there for a bit, but I still couldn't breathe, so I got up. I had only laid there for about 15-20 minutes. I went to the bathroom and, I swear, I had a headache that could kill a buffalo. My head felt like it was going to explode. And the tiny bit of light streaming in his wondows made my eyes feel like they were going to explode as well. SO I tried going back to bed. I discovered that laying on my stomach helped ease the pain a bit, so I finally fell asleep again. About 11:30 I was woken up by the phone. (thanks a bunch, Corie.)

Still in some pain, but it's bearable at least. I think I might brave the walk to the car later to go get some Ibuprofin or Aleve from Corie. For now, I'm just going to try not to strain myself too much. Might take a little nap after I make and eat lunch.

Onto the randomness:
YAY! HBO orders up season two of Big Love

And on a related Big Love note, if you go to the Big Love site, you can read Margene's blog. Great stuff.

Why do I spend so much money (that I can't really afford to spend anyway) on food when I know I don't need to buy it? The last two times I've gone to Aldi I've spent $10 on food. Now, it may not seem like much, but at Aldi and for one person, that's a LOT. I swear, it's like a sickness. I go in there knowing exactly what I want, but instead get about 10 additional things and I always end up with so much stuff. It's crazy. One of these days I'll learn to control myself there.

Having said that...I'm about ready to head back today to get some cookies or something. I need cookies and they have some good ones. And of course, since Paul never has milk here, I'm gonna have to buy some milk too. Well...there goes the rest of my money. *sigh*

Does anyone out there happen to have a cap of the opening of Big Love when they're all twirling away on the ice when it's cracking, or know where I can find one? I was looking yesterday, but haven't found anything. I want to make a Big Love icon and that's my favorite little bit of the opening. Maybe even just a good pic of Bill and the wives. I found a couple of those, but they're not so great for my uses.

And now for a few quizzes that have popped up all over my F-list over the past week:
Quizzes ho! (Or is that: 'Quizzes. Ho.'? ^_^) )

Well...I think that's about it for now. If I think of anything else, I'll come back. And now, I'm off to make me some shrimp stir fry. Mmmmm....

(It took me an hour and a half to write this entry?!? Where DOES the time go?)

ETA: How do you get a header at the top of your journal? I saw somwhere how to do it, but now I've lost the entry. Not sure if I'm going to do it, but I'd like to see how it looks.


Apr. 30th, 2006 12:35 am
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So tired. I don't even really know why. Other than I woke up last night/this morning shivering.

I'm staying at Paul's for the weekend because I'm recording some movies that are on digital cable channels (that we don't have at home).

Sorry I haven't been on much. Wednesday morning before dad and I left, I was going to print out my reworked resumé. I had to update my references. He told me that it wasn't working. He kept getting a "fatal error" message that morning. Which is kind of funny because it worked fine for me the night before. But whatever. So he dropped it off to Clayton and I walked to Paul's. They live around the corner from each other. Anyway, I went to my appointment Wednesday and when I got back to Paul's (he was at work) I got a call from dad, saying he was in the hospital. He stopped in about his leg and they admitted him. again.

Anyway, so then I was home all day Thursday, with nothing to do. Then I came back over here Friday to use Paul's car again for another appointment. Was only on the internet that day for a little bit.

Then I recorded my movie today and had to pick dad up from the hospital and did a bunch of other stuff before coming back. Then dad got on the internet to pay for some stuff. By the time he got off, I was watching the last couple episodes of Big Love. Interesting show. I wish I had HBO so I could watch it every week. If Paul would remember I would have him tape it for me. But then, I guess I could always just catch the reruns when I'm here, huh?

So, I finally got on the net a little bit ago to catch up. I've missed so much in the last few days! I'm still not all the way caught up. It's that darned VFB. It's so quiet when I can be on whenever, but as soon as I don't have net access for a couple days, it explodes! Do you guys time this stuff, or what?? Hopefully I'll be able to catch up on it tonight or tomorrow before I go home. If not, I guess I'll have a ton to catch up on Wednesday.

So that's why i haven't been around much this past week. Still don't know what's wrong with the comp, but as soon as I know, I'll let y'all know. I sure hope we get it back and working soon.

P.S. I LOVE that I have so many icons to choose from now! I still have more space, but I have to go through the rest of the icons I've made so I can fill up most of the spots. I'm gonna leave a few spots empty, just in case I run across some that someone else makes that I want to use. Although, I'd much rather make them myself. But I can't make anything fancy, like stuff with brushes or animated things. Although, I have a few ideas for animated icons, if I can just get someone to animate them for me...once I get the pics together.

P.P.S. Sorry to anyone that read this entry before I edited it. Paul snuck up behind me and started mashing his hands on the keyboard and hit the button before I could do anything to stop him. Ain't brothers great?
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Okay, not today, but Yesterday (Friday).

Had an appointment at 11:15AM and actually got to drive myself. Dad wanted me to take the van. So I got up at 10, left the house about 10:30, got gas then headed on down to Findlay. Got there a little late. As usual. About 11:25. But they never notice anyway. They're always a little behind, so even when I get there on time I have to end up waiting a bit.

Got done with appt about 1:00PM, drove to Bowling Green stopped by [profile] spaceygirl_1's house to talk to her for a minute. Grabbed gas and coffee, then a quick lunch on my way back home. Had to wait for dad to get home. He FINALLY got home about 5:00 and gave me gas money to go get little brother. So I took off for Michigan to get him. Made bad time. I took a wrong turn and it ended up taking me WAY out of my way. Eventually got there. Little brother drove us back to BG. Went to Corie's again. Had to drive back to Findlay (or at least most of the way) to take an old H.S. friend of ours to the bus stop. She left the state to go to North Carolina. She had to go at night so that her husband wouldn't know she was leaving. They've been having problems. Problems? Pfft. That's the understatement of the year. He's been beating her and then threatened to kill her. So she finally got the courage to leave him. Got back to BG around 1:15AM But by the time I switched Corie's van back for dad's truck (we switched his van for his truck when bro and I first got to BG and dad was on his way to work) and got home, it was about 3:00 AM.

Sitting in vehicles all day is no fun. You know, I was thinking about it...With all the driving/riding I did that day, I could have driven to NYC. Or out to GT and half way back.

I missed Conan's St. Patty's day episode, which if any of the comments on [profile] conan_obrienor the COB.net forums are any indication was an especially great epi. But...I guess getting friend away from her a-hole husband was a little more important.

P.S.  Little note to anyone that knows how and is willing to tell me...How do you get a different word to show up instead of someone's actual username, yet the link till goes to their LJ?
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Ugh. SOO tired today. All the wind and the fact that my music kept turning off last night (had my alarm set) kept me waking up all night. I was actually going to be napping right now, but I logged onto LJ to check up what I've missed the past few days. And here I still am. I'll probably take a short little nap later.

Dad got a new board and new memory and got his computer working finally. Sort of. Haven't been on it yet. He's geting a new HD in the mail in a few days probably. Gonna have to transfer all my stuff to my profile on brother's computer once he gets his stuff transferred to the new HD. Probably gonna get it transferred back after he reformats the current HD and reconfigures everything. If not, I should still be able to use it fine. We'll see.

And ugh again. I really need to scrape together a few dollars and get a paid account here. I have made SOOO many icons and I can't use any of them. WAH!

Anyway, just to help pass the time...

quizzes )
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Okay, so I guess I should finally update this here journal, huh?

Well, I guess the reason I haven't been updating, really, lately is that I've been somewhat depressed. Nothing set it off, just one of my phases. And my muse has up and left me abandoned. Although, I've been TRYING to trudge through it. I'm working on my stuff, I really am. I just don't know how long it's going to be before it's ready to post... Plus my funny is gone. So that's not helping any.

Someone suggested I just need to have a good cry. But crying isn't really me. I try not to cry. She suggested I watch a movie or listen to a song that makes me cry. Having thought on that, I can only think of one thing that makes me tear up when I watch it. Concert For George. And it HAS been a long time since I've watched it. So maybe I'll give that a try. Though, I'm not altoghether convinced that will work.

So, if I kind of disappear or you don't see me much, that's why. One of these days I'll feel better and get back to posting places. I really will. I hope.

In other news...

Some of you know this already, but some of you don't. I've also been busy about twice a week b/c I've been donating plasma. So mostly Tuesdays and Fridays I'm off doing that most of the day. Then a lot of times I'm tired after that, so I'll take a nap or go to bed a little early. I've also been going to bed a little early the nights before I donate.

Um...not really much going on other than that. Not that I can think of, though. SO, in conclusion, I've actually been a teensy bit busy and somewhat depressed. Hopefully I'll be around more soon. And I'll try to update more often. Don't worry, I WILL be spaming you with quizzes from time to time. ;p And I DO read your LJs, even if I don't comment on them. I'm still around, just kind of silent of late.
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I just wanted to let you guys know that I have court in the morning. I know I'll be going to jail for a week (most likely 7 days anyway), but I don't know when I have to report, tomorrow or another day. So starting maybe tomorrow, I won't be on for a while. Probably not until next weekend.

Just wanted everyone to know so they wouldn't get worried when I don't show up. If I don't have to report tomorrow, I'll come on and let you know exactly when I do have to report and when exactly I'll be back. But that's only if the Magistrate doesn't make me report tomorrow.

And since I know you guys so well, don't worry with the comments about how horrible it is. I really don't mind. At least I'll have heat and 3 square meals for a week. ROFL The only thing I won't like is that I'll miss all my shows for a week (NOOO! NO CONAN! WAH!), I'll miss Thaksgiving, and I'll miss VFB!! A whole week without that place. I'll go crazy! :p


Nov. 9th, 2005 07:33 pm
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Well, tomorrow I'm going with Pauly to pick up Austin so we can meet David.  He hasn't met either Pauly or me, so...  I talked to him on the phone the other day and he seems like a nice enough guy.  But we'll see.  So b/c of that, I'll have to be off the comp by about 3:30pm tomorrow.  Pauly wants to leave as soon as he gets home from work, since it's a 1 1/2 hour drive to where we're supposed to meet them.  Short comp day, WAH!

Not really looking forward to the meeting.  But I'll let you know how it goes.  Hopefully he's a nice guy.  At least his name isn't Steve!  ROFL  (sorry, you'd get that if you knew my mom.  After the divorce, it seems like almost every single guy she went out with was named Steve!  I know of at least 3.) And I think I'm going to greet him by saying something about finally meeting the reason I'm getting jipped for Xmas. See what he says to that.

And, OH!  Conan is suddenly a repeat in the middle of the week after they just got back from a break, so you know what that means?  Liza had the baby!  "YAY!" for Baby Boy O'Brien!  Can't wait to hear what they named him!

[Edited 11/10 To Add (cuz I didn't want to make a new entry)] From NBCUniversal Media Village

NEW YORK - November 10 - "Late Night" host Conan O'Brien and his wife Liza Powel O'Brien are thrilled to announce the arrival of their son, Beckett O'Brien. This is the couple's second child. He was born Wednesday, November 9 in New York City at 8:27pm. He is a healthy 8lbs 4oz.

Mother, baby and father are all well.

SQUEEEEEEEE!!! Beckett, huh? I kinda like it.



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