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It's been a while since I've done one of these BzzAgent Blog posts.

I was quite pleasantly surprised at how tasty these chips were. Everyone loved them. It should be noted, though, that even though they are Green Giant brand, they're not really a healthier alternative to traditional chips. If you're looking for a healthier alternative, don't be fooled by the Green Giant Branding. These might not be for you. But if you eat other chips already, you'll be alright.

Veggie Chips: The Veggie Chips are like a lighter Dorito, so I was pretty sure I'd like them. As soon as I opened my BzzKit, I opened this bag up and dug in. I was right. I liked them very much. When the kids got home, I shared some with them and they loved them, too. I gave my Sister-in-Law and Brother some as well and they liked them, too. I actually liked them so much that I ended up polishing off half the bag in one sitting all by myself.

Sweet Potato Chips: I was wary of these ones. They're very much like a thinner Sun Chip, which I like, but I HATE sweet potatoes, so I basically planned on giving this bag to my Brother's family to eat, since they all like sweet potatoes. I started off by giving each of the kids one of the small bags for an after school snack. They gobbled them up. I gave my Sister-in-Law one of the other small bags to taste before I definitely gave them the big bag. When I asked my Sister-in-Law and the kids what they thought of them, they told me that they actually didn't even taste like sweet potatoes and that I should try them. So, I opened the last little bag and warily ate one. They were right, it didn't taste like sweet potatoes at all. I kept the big bag, but I did share it with them because the kids liked them so much.

Like I said at the beginning, I was pleasantly surprised that I liked both flavors of chips. So much so, that I KNOW I'll be buying them in the future. I only have two minor complaints about them. #1, I wish they had at least a couple more flavors. #2, I kind of wish they were a little healthier, but that's mostly so I could have the excuse to eat them more often.
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