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My dad gave me a little stuffed walrus the day I was born. I kept it for over 20 years. Sometime in all my moves when I was about 22-23, it got misplaced. I don't know if it's still packed away somewhere or if it's lost forever. I wish I knew.
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Finally, an AWESOME question!

Unfortunately, I can't decide! I absolutely LOVE every single person on TOS. Although, I pretty much am McCoy.

And TNG and DS9? Okay, I pretty much love everyone on those shows too.

I don't care about VOY much, um...B'Elanna?

And, pray, let us not speak of that other... abomination.
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I cannot get "Yokyo Yo-Yo" by Rockapella out of my head.

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Maybe it's because I'm quite often attracted to older men (98% of my celebrity crushes have been older than me by at least 5 years, with an average of about 20-25 years), but age really shouldn't matter. As long as you get along, as long as you love each other, what does it matter how old you are?
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At first glance, I simply see hipbones.

If I look at it for a bit, I see a scraggly wolf with 4 eyes.
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Depends on what they normally listen to and like. A few bands I would suggest to pretty much anyone, though:

Beatles (DUH!) - if they, for some strange reason, hadn't heard them yet.
The Eagles
The Frames/The Swell Season
Traveling Wilburys
George Harrison's solo stuff
Eric Clapton
Riders In The Sky (They're so fun!)
John Doe
Exene Cervenka/X/Auntie Christ/The Knitters/The Original Sinners
Kate Rusby
Garth Brooks

That's all that really comes to mind right now.

Oh, and Blaze!

haha. not really. That's my little brother. I just listen to it because I think it's hilarious.
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I like pretty much all the urban legends. I was never fooled by one, but a friend of mine was. Back in high school one of my friends forgot her clarinet at the school. I saw it and grabbed it and tried to catch her on the way home. I was driving behind her and tried honking at her, hoping she would notice it was me. No such luck. i pulled right behind her at a stop sign and honked again. when she didn't look back i tried flashing my lights. Still nothing. I ended up following her all the way home. When I got there, she was rushing to her door and finally noticed it was me. I could tell she was freaked out and she said when I flashed my lights at her the first thin she thought of was the urban legend with the killer in the backseat and she just wanted to get home. We had a good laugh about it.


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