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As mentioned in my writing journal, I'm rewriting/revising an old Viggo story. I kind of always wished I had written it fully before posting it, of course, as I was posting it, but I figure now is as good a time as any.

[ETA] Just wanted to add a link to the journal post I actually talked about it in. It's over here.

JD smut

Jun. 30th, 2010 05:02 pm
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Just added a Johnny Depp fic that I wrote for my cousin to my writing journal.

Title: What's Your Fantasy?
Author: [ profile] domino43
Pairing: Johnny Depp/OFC
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Marina meets Johnny Depp at a premiere and he comes looking for her.
Disclaimer: I don't own Johnny Depp. I wrote this for my cousin because Johnny Depp is her fake husband. :P

( Follow the fake cut )
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Thanks to [ profile] muir_wolf for the prompt. :D

Ridin' Dirty found over at my writing journal, [ profile] it_may_show

I'll probably be writing more over the next few weeks. Definitely over the next few months. Already working on one.
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Seriously, if ever there was a more appropriate icon...

I had an appointment with the podiatrist this morning. My Dr. wanted me to see him again b/c I keep getting infected. Well, when he heard that it had almost been healed but swelled up and was cut open again, and infected yet again, he decided the edges of the nail needed to come out again. Permanently this time. Last time they didn't have the stuff to make the nail stop growing. This time they did. They, as he said, 'worked around the system'. Last time he wanted to use it, but they were told by OSHA that they couldn't have it in the clinic. I have no idea why, but everyone thought that was stupid. Anyway, they had it this time, so he numbed me up. Those shots hurt like a MoFo. Again. I swear, the pain of those shots is worse than the pain before or after the nail is cut out. Anyway, when he went to cut, it was fine until he got to the nail bed. It actually hurt a bit. Don't know if he didn't get it in that area enough, or if it just didn't take as well this time, but it didn't feel too good. Also, the stuff to make it stop growing BURNS. So I was in a bit of pain and discomfort on my drive back. The nurse was shocked and worried that I had to drive myself, but one of my Dr.'s nurses was in there (they are adjoining offices) and told her, "Oh, she's a trooper." So, I'm all bandaged up and it's not hurting too badly right now. More uncomfortable than anything. I fell asleep when I got back, though. Had a nice couple hour nap.

Okay, I'm going to start to actually use my writing journal as a journal and not just a place to post my writing. Sometimes I just need to talk about writing related things. Not that anyone has it friended...

Also. Is Yuku not working for anyone else? I haven't been able to get it to open all evening. :/
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Let's do this one a little differently and see how it works out...

Okay, let's see. I've read 50/64 of the V.C. Andrews books. 2-3 weeks of books left to read and about a month and a half left of the year. I think I made pretty good time. And speaking of books, I am dingy. When I went to my appointment, I took the last two books I had just finished so I could take them back and pick up the next 9. I got there and turned off the car and then realized, "It's noon and there are only 2 cars here... *facepalm* It's Veteran's Day! They're closed today." So I had to drive around the block to drop the books in the after-hours drop box.

Like I said before, the Dr. doubled my MTX from 6.25mg to 12.5mg. It was such a small dose before I really didn't feel it, but this time It really stung and actually kind of hurt for a few minutes. It's so thick, too. I am definitely NOT looking forward to getting these shots now every week. *meep* With the increase, he's hoping I see some improvement quicker. Haven't seen any yet. Most people seem to say it takes about 12 weeks to see any real results, so I'm about halfway there.
Also, since I got back on my Prednisone (didn't have the money to get it for a couple weeks), I feel a little better. Pain has already gone down a tiny bit. Hopefully in a few more days it will be even better. I need to get a refill as soon as dad gets paid, though.

Also, as I said before, Corie has Mono. Still can't figure out where she got it, but she does. So, I'll be here a few days to help out until the fatigue starts wearing off a bit and she feels up to it. The kids seem like they should be okay. They haven't been too bad lately. We'll see after a few days.

As I said in my mini!post, I've been around (quite a bit, actually), but I just haven't really felt up to posting. There have been so many things I've wanted to say/rant about, but I just didn't feel it. I've been reading and commenting when I had something to say, so I haven't been ignoring you all. Just been kind of blah lately. I think I've been mostly tired.

I wish I had steady internet access/a reliable computer. I kind of wish I was taking part in NaNo. Can you believe I've never NaNo'd? Oh, well. One of these years, I guess. I just want to work on something. I have a couple things I need to finish (anyone remember me mentioning a certain George/Ringo Slash I wanted to write? Well I started it shortly after that, but then got quite stuck. A few weeks ago, I nearly doubled it in length, but it needs more. I just need to figure out a couple transitions and details and I should be able to finish it. Plus, that Kirill-Hans story I mentioned forever and a half ago over at VFB. I have that thing a little over half done and need to finish it, as well. AND I need to finish that Karl/Anita story. *headdesk* So much to write, but not quite enough muse to go around. And nowhere to keep it all in one place. And, and, and...

Okay. I think I'm done for now. Let's see how this post looks when it's posted. Just wanted to do something a little different.


Jul. 28th, 2008 03:33 am
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Just updated my writing journal [ profile] it_may_show with pretty much all my stuff. Everything from VFB is now there. Except for "More Than Words Can Say". But I've been copy-pasting all day long and my wrist and eyes are starting to hurt. I'll get to it eventually. I think I have everything that's completed on there. And there's a handy Table of Contents so it's easy to search for specific things or to get an idea of what's there.

And now, it's time for bed.

Checking in

Apr. 3rd, 2008 09:41 pm
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So, Ryan ended up waking up the next day after my last post totally fine. But Robbie was sick, all that day. Unlike Ryan, he actually slept. He was fine yesterday. Corie was sick, today. I'm still a little sick. Still a slight infection, but nothing terrible. Hopefully by the end of the weekend I'll be fine.

Urgh. So, I want to write a Beatle slash with George and Ringo. I'm having a bit of trouble deciding how... sexual to actually make it. Do I want to simply imply (you know, keep my little innocent Georgie innocent), do I want a little kissing/touching (I actually have a little scene worked out for that), or do I want all out sex? Keep in mind, it's to take place in about '61 when the Beatles came back to Hamburg (as did Rory Storm & the Hurricanes) after George being deported the year before for only being 17, so he's only just 18 and Ringo is 21. Thoughts?

Anything else? Hmmmm... Actually, I think, that's it for right now.

*Did I just say "actually" as many times as I think I did?
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Revelations and The End.

Chapter 14 )
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Friends and phones.

Chapter 9 )
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On with the saga.

Another date.

Chapter 8 )

Wow, I really was all young and innocent. :p
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Even though I'm sure no one is reading this, I'll continue.

Chapter 4 )
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Just a short one.

Chapter 3 )
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Chapter 2 )


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