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I really, REALLY need to do a much better job at remembering to log onto LJ and keep up with people. So... what's going on out there that I've missed?

With me, as you can see from a couple posts ago, I wasn't able to get my new knee last May. I had too many things that needed take care of first, ad I still have a few things that need cleared up before I can get surgery. If everything goes okay, hopefully I'll be able to get it by THIS May. We'll see.

Well, I guess I'll leave it at that for now. It's almost 5:30am, and I need to get to bed.


Sep. 5th, 2011 12:21 am
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Wanted to make sure I could post, since I haven't updated in a while (I swear I will if anything ever happens! LOL) and [ profile] orygun_forest said she can't post. Looks like mine is okay, at least. Anyone else having problems posting?
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I got the green ones.

I had $54 in my Amazon account, so I decided that I needed some shoes that weren't steel toed work boots. I originally wanted some blue and yellow sneakers to silently show my love for Boca Juniors, but the pair I had really wanted wasn't available anymore and most of the other ones that were close were either more than $54, or were very close. Since I couldn't get my blue & yellow sneakers, I then decided on some skate shoes. I had a pair of skate shoes several years ago and I loved them. I had some blue and/or teal-ish shoes I really liked. While going through different blu shoes I stumbled on these. I know Puma is a good brand and I as also considering some high tops, so these were pretty much exactly what I was looking for. Luckily for me Endless is currently running a 20% off athletic shoes special, so I got a pair of $42 shoes for $33.

They shipped today and are supposed to be here Thursday. I can't wait. XD
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As of Last Saturday, I have a paid account again. With all 3 large extra userpic add-ons. Do you think 255 icons is enough? Because I'm already at 200...

And now I'm off to watch a little DVRed TV before bed.
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hehe. I love me some George Harrison lyrical references. XD

Anyway, it does seem like forever since I've updated. When was it? No posts at all since the end of August? Wow, I've really been neglecting this thing. I know I haven't read my Friends page for nearly 2 weeks. That was mainly because dad was here and I had no real time to get on. He left the middle of last week, but I just haven't been able to find the time. I've been in my comp lately writing and such. But you can read about that over here. I really should get a Beta reader. Don't want to give away too much, but two of the major characters, besides the OC, are Viggo and Karl (minor) characters.

The last few days I've been kind of 'blah'. I don't know. I've been having my once a month Dr. visits, nothing new there. I had another PT/OT appointment last time. I didn't see the original PT, I saw the other one. He gave me some more stretching/strengthening exercises. I haven't been doing them like I should. I really need to pick them up properly again before my appointment next week. I should do them all tomorrow. :\

I...don't really have much else to say. I'm so out of the loop that I have no comment to make on anything.

Also, I guess my journal's getting paid when my brother gets his income taxes back, so early to mid February. :\
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I WANT MY PAID ACCOUNT BACK! But I have to wait until brother's NEXT paycheck, which is in 2 weeks. Boo! I miss my icons! >:(

So, for pretty much no reason at all I just decided to start, like, fangirling Boca Juniors again. The new season doesn't start for a month and I am being completely obsessive about them. I added their official FB page, I've subscribed to their YouTube channel, I downloaded their official hymn. I'm very impatient for the new season. I'm excited for San Lorenzo too, but I'm really fangirling over Boca. I even joined [ profile] ontd_football. Maybe I shouldn't have. LOL My FList has been FLOODED with entries. And I have NO CLUE about most of them. lol But maybe now I'll learn a little more about some of the other teams.

Ooh. I also grabbed this song off YouTube, but I have no idea what it's called or who it's by. I really want to know because I would like to find the full lyrics, if possible.

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Found gray hair #2 earlier. If you'll remember, #1 came late April, 2006. Nearly 4 years, not to bad, all things considered. Couldn't get it out, as it's too short for me to grip.

Also, changed my default to this icon. Not that House/George isn't totally my OTP anymore, but I am SO in LUST with this pic...

And now it's off to bed, since I have a shot appointment in the morning. Boo. :(
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TOS moodtheme. Woot, woot!

I'm going to update later, but for now, I need to grab a couple hours sleep. I forgot how long it takes to upload a moodtheme. But I've been wanting a Star Trek one for a bit, so...
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Just finished some Turkey Day prep. Not as much as we'd hoped, but still a good amount. Turducken is ready to go in (Can't wait to try it!) for the night and turkey will go in in the morning.
Listening to my Nerd!Rock playlist on Youtube. Just mentioning it because I feel nerdy right now.
I think I'm officially addicted to games on Facebook. :p Especially What to Wear. It must be the designer in me.
Ugh. I went looking for this vid to fave it on Youtube I had commented on about a year ago. The comments make me so angry.

If you notice, I had to school all those chumps that believe that house was haunted and the land still is. That is the house my dad was born in in 1962. They lived there until, like 1968 to 1970-ish. The video is true in that the last people to live there were sometime in the mid-late 70's. There were never any murders there. They supposedly happened in the 70's and my dad lived about a mile away then (the house we currently live in) and was in High School. I think he'd remember. Plus there's no record of it. Plus...IT NEVER HAPPENED! The only one to die there in a LOOOOONG, LONG time was a baby. It was my cousin. It just makes me angry when people insist they've experienced things there. Especially since most of them are drunk or high when they would go out there. *rollseyes* [/rage]
To all my American friends:

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At the new house right now. Last night I was supposed to watch the kids while they went shopping before coming to pick the kids up to bring them here. No such luck. After unloading the last load (fridge, freezer, washer/dryer), they decided to hose out the fridge and freezer. Well, brother went to tip the fridge forward to empty the drip pan and he busted a window. Luckily it was in the garage. But he still had to fix it before they came to get the kids. While all this was going on, it got very late, so they decided I should come spend the night so that they could go do what they needed to today. They had to go make another trip to the house to get some stuff and right now, they're grocery shopping. Dad is supposed to come get me after he's off work. Don't know if we'll have to wait to leave or if they'll be back by then. The power was still on when they were there this afternoon, so hopefully it will be for a couple days. A lot of times if you get it turned off, it takes them a couple days to turn it off. We got here at like 6 am and kids were up running around early, so I got no sleep. Not to mention that I was sleeping on a narrow couch. I can't wait to get home and get a good night's sleep.

As far as the house goes, it's alright. The living room is big. But then, all that's in there right now is a couch and an entertainment center. There's another little room in the front and a small dining room and kitchen. There are 4 bedrooms upstairs. The 3 the kids have are actually pretty small. Their dressers and toys are going to be kept in the...I don't know what to call it...on the landing, I guess. Ryan is happy. He has Hannah Montana curtains (w/butterflies) in his pink room. Thomas' room is also pink with sheer pink striped curtains. Connor's is blue with shiny blue curtains w/butterflies. They plan on painting Thomas and Ryan's rooms. Unless, of course, they want to keep them pink. I know Ryan is probably going to keep his curtains, though. He likes them a little too much. LOL

Anyway, someone just pulled in, so I should probably get off here. Just wanted to check in. I'll be back on Thursday, since I have a Dr.s appointment on Friday morning.

I am beat.

Aug. 8th, 2009 06:37 pm
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I actually feel felt like I had to be productive today. I caught up the laundry and did dishes, made a bag of homemade garlic croutons, and made some pudding (for me. hehe) and jello for either after dinner or for lunch tomorrow. Also made lunch for the kids. All within 2 hours. Now I'm beat. But if I can't get dad to make spaghetti tonight, I'll probably end up making it, since Corie and brother are outside with the kids. We'll see.

Oh, I can NOT stop singing these two songs to myself for the last few days:

That whole show is just great. Here's a link to my playlist of the whole show: Celtic Woman: A New Journey (Live @ Slane Castle)

Also, just because:
Swiped from [ profile] kishamaru. I think I can agree with this result.

gURL.comI took the "hindu goddess" personality quiz on
i am...

Like Durga, you don't mind putting up a fight when it comes to matters of the heart. You are extremely protective of the people you love, whether it's friends, family or sweeties...

Which Devi are you?

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Got some big news at my Drs appointment today, will fill you in later. Got home late and internet wasn't working for a bit. Brother's now home and REALLY wants his computer, so I can't even finish catching up for now. Will try tonight/tomorrow. Will update y'all tomorrow.
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First off - Paid account again. YAY! \o/ I have more icons!

This week has been so busy/frustrating. On Tuesday afternoon, Connor decided he just had to have a specific cup. He insisted it was in a lower cupboard (even though that's not where cups go) and went to get it. Well, there was a hot pot of water on the counter and he knocked it over. You can guess what happened. His hip got burned. Luckily it's only like a bad sunburn. But the dingus keeps moving around more than he should and rubbing it against stuff. We've been making sure to put cream/gel on it a couple times a day to keep it soothed and help it heal. He seems to be much better today, though I don't think he'll be fully healed for a little bit.

Also, this fanmix totally owns my life. Kat and Kathryn, have I told you how much I love you guys? ♥
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My grandma just called me and asked if I'd want to drive down to Norfolk, VA with her in late June/early July. She wants to go visit my uncle (the one in the Navy) and she needs someone to share driving with her. My uncle (that she's married to, other side of the family) just started his job and doesn't have vacation for a year. My mom was gonna go, but just found out she has to be around for work, just in case. One of my aunts volunteered and grandma told her she wouldn't be able to smoke in the car, but she said that'd be okay. Uncle and his wife said 'NO!' to her coming b/c she is a chain smoker and they don't want her to stink up their house. Yes, she's actually that bad. I guess mom called grandma back today and said she had the solution; she should ask me. I have nothing better to do and it would get me out of the house.

It's not concrete, since her finances are a little low right now. If she decides to go it will only be for, like, 4-5 days or so. She won't know until it gets closer to the end of June after taking care of a few things, so we'll see. She just wanted to know and give me a head's up. This could be fun.
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Changing to my Conan moodtheme because I miss him. ;___; Only 1 more monthh.
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We've been discussing sewing here lately. Basically Corie says that I don't know how to and there's NO WAY I could make anything decent. I pointed out that I sewed my own outfit (for 4H) when I was, like, 9. And I wore it for a long time. Dad backed me up. Then she said, "Well, you certainly can't do something like this." and showed me a pic of a cosplay with some carved foam or papier-maché. I said I probably could, it was pretty simple. She asked brother he said he thought I probably could if I practiced a little.

Anyway, this is all a little off-topic. Dad and I were talking about pulling out the sewing machine and I said there were a couple dresses I wanted to make.

I am TOTALLY going to make this dress one of these days.

Every time I wear it I can imagine George Harrison is dancing with me. A little too fangirly, y/y? Guess what, I really don't care. I've always wanted that dress. And I don't even like wearing dresses.
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URGH! I need a paid account so bad. I'm so sick of only having 15 icons to choose from, and none of them George/Beatles. I think after I get paid for watching the kids for almost a week in May, I'm going to upgrade again.

I'm going to be up and down while typing this because I'm in the middle of making dinner and washing laundry. Not that you'll notice.

Anyway, now that dinner is sitiated...

I really wish my toe would hurry up and heal. Both sides have proud flesh now. And the last few days it has hurt like you wouldn't believe. Of course, kids kicking and stepping on it don't help much...

The boys have been unholy terrors lately. Well, Thomas and Connor anyway. Connor is going through this phase where he thinks he can tell his big brothers what to do and they have to listen. And that's on top of the two of them thinking they don't have to listen to anyone anymore. At least Ryan's always pretty good. Even on his bad days he's about even with the other two's good days. Oh, and speaking of Ryan, I think he's got himself a little first grade girlfriend. Apparently, she walks him the the bus to come home and the other day she gave him a little note. It had her name and something I can't read (though it looks like another name) on it. But she gave it to him, so...

Ugh. I didn't get to do or say everything I wanted to, but Brother and Corie are on their way home and I'm sure brother will want his comp back.

And on a totally random note: I totally love Ringo's dancing. He sure has got the moves!
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Just updating.

I don't think I said anything before, but back in October I got an ingrown toenail that got infected and didn't heal right. It then developed granulation tissue (or "proud flesh'). It was supposed to heal on its own. It's not. 4 months later and it's barely gone away. I went back into the ER to get it taken care of and the doc REFUSED to do anything! Um, hello? Can't do that, Mr. doctor-man! Ohio has a law about ERs refusing service to anyone. When I told him about the proud flesh, he didn't even know what I was talking about. Then he told me about ingrown toenails, as if the extra tissue was the side of my toe and the toenail was under that. Uh...wrong again, buddy. I was told by several people to go into the ER and they'd just slice it off. Well, he told me that if he cut anything it would "just bleed all over". Seriously. Um...they have this invention now, doc. I believe they're called bandages. He was also extremely rude, saying on several occasions, "I can't do anything about it" before walking out of the room. The next day (it was 3 am when I went in) I called the hospital and filed a complaint about him. I'm supposed to hear something back as soon as tomorrow. Really, I just want them to say they'll take care of it. I'll drop it if they do. If not, I'm getting ahold of a malpractice lawyer. I need this taken care of. It hurts and I got a second infection in it (which Dr. Idiot prescribed an antibiotic for, luckily). I also have to stand in a wedding in 2 1/2 months and with this I can't wear dress shoes. BTW, did I mention that it hurts?

Also, upon urging from my dad, I've started the Disability application process. Just started that today. He seems to think I'll get accepted. I'm not so upbeat about it, having seen what they put him through only to end up denying him. And my aunt got accepted but it took her almost 2 years, I think. Whatever. We'll see.

Kids seem to be behaving a little better. Most of the time. Hopefully they'll get better over the summer.

On a lighter note, I've been playing a LOT of PokéMon on Gameboy Advance. I had the game nearly won. I only had 3 more towns to go to and a couple gyms to win. Then last night Thomas started a new game and saved it. You can only have one game saved at a time. Yeah.

Ooh! I saw Taken! OMG! Awesome!

I can't wait until May 8th! Star Trek! I still don't know what to think about it. Guess I'll HAVE to see it. *g*

Now, I think it's time to eat. *waves*


Jan. 22nd, 2009 01:05 am
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Just a quick little update before I hop in the shower.

Things are better here. Corie saw (after people repeatedly pointing it out to her) how she was being and has been trying not to be so...whatever. Still WAY behind on the internet world. And I miss it and everyone so much. I'm going crazy being out of the loop!

OH! And my Yahoo hasn't let me log in for the last 2-3 weeks. I logged in shortly before that, but now it's not working and it says I can't reset my password online. Hopefully I get a response to my email soon. I NEED to get into my Yahoo. It's my main account.

One of these days, hopefully soon, I'll be getting my comp set up. Even if it has to be in the living room. I don't care. I just want the interwebs back.

Oh yeah! Brother and Corie got married January 9th, though they're still doing a ceremony and reception in May. This was for insurance purposes and to get her Grandmother to leave her alone. Long story.


Dec. 7th, 2008 04:32 pm
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Brother is letting me use his laptop while he's gone/busy today. I finally got caught up on all my emails yesterday (it took me 2 days). Now I have to try to work my way through LJ-land as much as possible. And all while making baked ornaments for the tree with the kids.

I really need to get my comp hooked back up. I miss all of you. :( I miss the internets in general. I'm, like, 3 months behind on the world. I assure you I will get caught up on everyone when I get the chance. If anything important has happened lately, feel free to drop me a line.

Anywho, I need to get back to ornaments with the kids for now.


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