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My paid journal lapsed. It was set to automatically be paid from my brother's bank account Friday, but it didn't go through for some reason. He can't figure it out. He won't have the extra money until next month, so I'll be on a sponsored account till then. The sucky thing is that I only have 15 icons now. And I thought my 110 was too few. LOL
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TOS moodtheme. Woot, woot!

I'm going to update later, but for now, I need to grab a couple hours sleep. I forgot how long it takes to upload a moodtheme. But I've been wanting a Star Trek one for a bit, so...
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Had my second shot of methotrexate on Tuesday. No side effects, which is good, but also no results yet. Of course, I didn't expect any yet. The Dr. is keeping me on the steroids until the MTX starts showing some results. He said it would be a while. Especially since I'm starting on only 6.25mg. Now, I just need to remind dad to go pick up the rest of my Rx. Been off it for a bit b/c he lost his medical expense card and didn't have the cash. He just got his replacement card the other day. From most accounts, it looks like you commonly see results in the first 12 weeks, so...

Also had to get some antibiotics b/c my toe is infected again.

Ugh. I've been trying to avoid it, but i think I may have to give in. Especially after the last couple days. I think I may have to start using a cane. man, the other day in the store... I actually had to use one of those electric carts. I've tried to avoid those since the pain started. Plus before that for about a week, anytime I was in the store I could only go a couple aisles before hurting so bad I had to stop and sit on a bench or lean on something.

OH. And my 10 year High School reunion tonight. Only a couple people have said they will be there, but some are trying. I guess I'll have to see tonight. Only problem is, it's at a local cafe/bar and I have no money for drinks. I can't drink alcohol on the MTX, but I'll need some pop at least. I need to come up with maybe $5. Even at that expensive place, that should be enough for a couple pops. I'll ask dad, I guess. I wish Neal would just give me the $15-$20 he owes me.

Night before last, I had a weird dream. I worked at Princeton-Plainsboro Hospital. Well, Cuddy had triplets, but they were...liquid... I totally don't know, but the "liquid" babies looked weird. Almost like egg whites with little bits in it that started collecting and then other stuff started showing up and started turning into a baby. Well, two of them developed into babies, the other didn't. I was given the task of telling her. I kept wondering why I had to tell her and not Cameron, as she'd be better at that sort of thing. I was floundering, trying to figure out a way to tell her. Well, House keeps telling me to just say it, but I wanted to be nice about it. Well, I finally decided that I was going to have to tell her, so I went to her room. House came in while I was trying to find my words and just blurted it out. Like, "One of your babies didn't form." Everything was all quiet while she and I stared at him. A few other things happened, but nothing real significant, or "House" related. or weird. Just me calling someone and walking over there from the hospital.

Only got a couple more books read for my little challenge. But I had to wait a while to go pick up my books and got most of the way through that Poe collection. About 3/4 done.

I think there was more I wanted to say, but I can't remember what it was. I have to go take a shower soon so I can get ready to go to my reunion anyway. I didn't bring all my clothes, so I'm gonna have to go home and get dressed first.
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Got my first dose of Methotrexate yesterday. I'll be going in every Tuesday now to get each dose. I wonder how long it will take to start working...

I'm going to try to catch up on things before I go home tonight, but no guarantees. I'll catch up as much as possible anyway.

Also, while I'm waiting for the first couple books in the next series, I got out "The Unabridged Edgar Allan Poe" because my county library is having a Poe month for October since this year is the bicentenial of his birth. I've already read about 1/5 of it. And it's 1174 pgs. You know, reading Poe with just the sound of a ticking clock is kind of creepy. I kind of don't want to read "The Tell-Tale Heart" at home. LOL

OH! And brother just bought a Wii on Sunday. I played a little of Wii Sports that night before I went home, just to see how it was. I'm awesome at bowling.
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*waves* Hello. I know it's been a while and I said I was going to be here last Thursday to check in since I had a Dr. appointment on Friday, but I ended up going to my aunts b/c it was closer to home and dad didn't have the gas to drive all the way out here. Now, how to update... I guess chronologically would be best. If I can keep it that way. lol I'll probably start out chronologically and end up categorizing it instead. And/or switching back and forth.


I went home on the 15th, right? Well, the power was still on, but I knew, with my luck, it would be off the next day, so I made the chocolate cake we had that night before I went to bed, since I knew it wouldn't need refrigerated, just covered. Dad decided to call it "survival cake". And it has been. Nearly everyday I've eaten a piece or two to keep myself fed. There are still a couple pieces left, though they're starting to get dry. I would have had it gone by now, but Neal brought over ANOTHER cake that needed eaten and I had a few pieces of that, though dad ate more than half of it. I just didn't like the frosting. It was way too sweet for me.


Okay, so last Friday I had an appointment with the Podiatrist about my toe. He hadn't made it, but my Primary Care Physician wanted me to do a follow up and they're basically through the same office in the clinic. Like my Dr.'s name is on both doors. So I went and told him my toe was mostly healed but it was starting to hurt again. It had been infected once since I had the nail cut out. He looked at it and said that it looked like the skin was just irritated so he trimmed it again. This time without anesthetic. It hurt a bit, as you can imagine. A couple days later it stopped hurting so much. It's still a little tender, but it's alright. Healing up alright for now.


Pretty much all that weekend and this past week were spent reading. I've been averaging about one book a day. In fact, last Friday and on...Tuesday, I read TWO whole books a day. A few days I read a little more than one a day. So, as you can see I've got 20/64 books read. I have 5 more waiting for me and I've requested 10 more for now. At the rate I'm going, I may be able to get all of them done by the beginning of December. That would be cool. We'll see.


Oh, and I had sent out my application for Cash assistance/Food Stamps/Medicaid on the 15th or so. I had an appointment for that yesterday. Took in the little bit of paperwork I had that they wanted/needed. She said cash assistance and medicaid were both dependent on my getting SSI. Which doesn't really make any sense to me, but...whatever. She also said the medical would take a while and I need some papers filled out by my Dr., which I'm getting next Friday at my appointment. But I DID get Food Stamps. I got approved for $200/month! That's WAY more than I expected. That will be nice. Right now, we have now power still, but dad's gonna find one of our coolers (or buy a cheap foam on) to clean out and getting some ice so we can at least keep things for a couple of days. Anyway... So, she told me that if/when I get approved for SSI, my balance will change (it'll probably go down to about $100), but that would be totally fine, because I'd have some money to put toward food. She signed the papers and said I qualified for expedited food stamps, so I'd get the card in 7-10 business days. Well, this morning before we were getting ready to leave for here, there was a knock on the door. I went to answer it and no one was there. I thought Neal had maybe knocked on the door and run off, so I was going to step out and see if he was out there, but I looked down and saw a large envelope in front of the door. I picked it up and showed it to dad who asked who it was for. I finally looked at it and saw it was for me. I opened it and found a regular business sized envelope. It was my card. They ended up overnighting it to me. Apparently, I was more serious a case than I thought. lol I called and set it up and I have $306 available to me right now. I can't wait to go get some food. I'm making brother take me to the store so I can grab a few things tomorrow. I really shouldn't be this excited about buying food.


On the electric front, we couldn't get it turned on like we wanted because it would have cost even more. So, dad is trying to find ways to make money. Hopefully we'll be able to come up with it in a few weeks. Especially since Neal plans on moving into the upstairs bedroom sometime soon. He's supposed to help come up with some of the money.

Also, dad couldn't find the old camp stove, so he had to go buy another one. He picked it up last night, so when I buy food, I can at least buy real food sometimes. It'll mostly been soup and canned pastas like ravioli/spaghetti-o's. But I know that sometime next week I'm going to buy some big, fat, juicy steaks and some onions and mushrooms and...something for the side. Because I want steak for my birthday. There I go again with the food. lol


Speaking of being fat... I really need to tell the Dr. that I've been having pain again. And I've been having slight headaches for the last week or so. I might leave out the headaches because they're a common side effect, but the pain is getting on my nerves. My back and knees and ankles are just in so much pain lately.


I know there was more, but I can't think of it right now. I'll be here tomorrow too, so if I think of it, I'll post it.
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Went to see an disability Dr yesterday for a breathing test. How ridiculous is this. This Dr was about a 40 min drive from me. I had to ask my Grandma to take me because brother is on second shift again, as is dad. Anywho, it took about 40 min to get there, I filled out the one little paper I had to do. Then I told them the meds I'm currently on, waited a few minutes and got called back. Go to the back and the nurse asks me a couple things, puts a couple things in the little machine and tells me how to use it. Apparently I didn't do it right the first time, so she reset the machine and had me do it again, 3 times total. And that was it. Almost an hour and a half round trip for a 5 min appt.

But on the way back I did stop at the library and pick up my books that were on hold. I got the whole Dollanganger series by V.C. Andrews. I started Flowers In The Attic last night. As of this writing, I'm about halfway through it. By the time I go to sleep I should be at least 2/3 done. I've got all 5 books for a month, so I'm HOPING to average about 4-5 days each book. Probably less on the ones I read over weekends.

Oh. They got a call from the bank and the USDA inspection got done. The house appraised a little higher than what they're paying. Also, they did their inspection and the owner said he was leaving them the lawnmower and all the tools and all kinds of odds and ends their daughter left behind. So now they won't have to buy one. Their closing date, as of now, is September 18th.

Only problem is dad and I have to figure out how to get about $600 by then for a deposit on electricity. He's getting big chunks of money taken out by the Department of Education, so he's going to have to try to figure out some way to come up with it. Grr. I don't know how we're going to do this. AND, we'll be without TV, cable, internet, phone....for quite some time. I need a bit of money to get the internet turned back on in my name. We might be able to swing enough for a converter box or two, so we can at least watch broadcast TV... I guess I'm going to be reading a LOT come September.

Also, I. am. TIRED. I don't really know why, but I got no real sleep last night. I slept, just not well. I have been beat all day today. I almost took a nap early this afternoon, but then Corie said she was taking one. This was just as brother was getting ready to leave for work, so I had to keep an eye on kiddies. I don't think I'll read too long tonight so I can try to get to sleep before 2 or 3.

I wish this bruise on my arm from my B12 shot would go away. It's been a week since I got that thing and I still have a bruise and little lump. :(
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(Appropriate icon is appropriate.)

I swear, pretty soon here, I'm going to really start hating needles. Had another Drs appointment today. Just a follow-up from last time. My iron was alright on the last blood test. The low number before was obviously just a fluke low. He did say my B12 was borderline, so that called for a B12 shot. Also, the stupid Prednisone lowered my immunity and made me get an infection in my toe. Luckily for me, Keflex is one of the free antibiotics at Meijer. Stopped and got that on my way home. Since I couldn't get in to see the Pharmacy PhD until September 8th, he wants me to continue the Prednisone until I can start the Methetrexate. As much as he doesn't want me to be on steroids very long, I need SOMETHING to keep the inflammation down. And I do need it. I feel 10x better since being on the Prednisone.

He also told me to call the Disability person and have them send another request for my records since there's new stuff in my file since last time. I need to call her tomorrow. I've only been seeing him for 2 months and he's already fed up with Disability. He basically wants to swamp them with my records until they give. LOL Have I said how much I like this guy lately. :)

Aaaaaaand... Last night I got about an hour of sleep. Maybe an hour and a half. I could not fall asleep and was just starting to drift off about 6:30 when the power went out. This woke up Ryan who needs music playing when he sleeps and he started crying. After it came back on a couple minutes later and they finally went back to sleep I finally fell asleep about 6:45-7:00. Then at a little after 8:00 I was woken up to Ryan screaming. I have no idea what the other two were doing to him, but he screamed again later and then Connor started being obnoxiously loud. Like, he was rattling all the windows in the house, loud. No matter how much I asked/told/screamed at them to be quiet, they wouldn't. So I'm pretty tired. I think I'll try to zonk out right after Conan tonight. We'll see.

Now, I have about ten minutes until I have to start working on my potpies and dumplings. Mmmmmmm.
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So, I went with my cousin Marina to see the first showing of Public Enemies on Wednesday. Pretty awesome movie. Johnny was hot as ever and it had a good amount of shooting with some humor thrown in.

I did have a small problem with it, though. They have 'Pretty Boy' Floyd being killed at the beginning. He was killed 3 months after Dillinger.

Interesting fact involving Floyd: In 1931 he and William 'Billy the Killer' Miller and their girlfriends were in Bowling Green, Ohio spending some money when a store clerk at the Uhlman's Clothing store recognized them and alerted the police. A shootout ensued and a police officer, R.H. Castner, was killed. Miller was killed by the Police Chief. Castner is still the only BGPD officer to have died in the line of duty.

For perspective, Bowling Green is the next town over, about 7 miles from my house. I actually have a feeling of exactly where it happened. I know it's supposed to be on Prospect, near Clough. I always get a weird feeling in this one specific spot of Prospect right near the intersection. I think that's where it was.


Aug. 6th, 2008 01:57 pm
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So, we're all moving out to the house tomorrow. Brother and Corie are out taking care of switching the electric and running a few things out there.

Tomorrow is going to be busy. They're heading out at 8am to get a U-Haul so they can go pick up a new fridge and drop it off at the house to start getting cold. Then they're going to come back here and load as much of the last stuff as possible into the truck and run it to the house. Hopefully they can get everything in one or two trips because brother needs to get the U-Haul back at noon. On the last trip to the house, I'll drive the kids in the car over there. Then I'll have to follow brother to the U-Haul drop-off so he can get home. After that we're going to try to get as much situated as possible before he goes to work. He's gotta leave for work around 2. There are still a couple rooms that need cleaned/cleared so that everything can get situated. Somehow after brother is at work, Corie and I have to do this so that we can transfer my stuff from upstairs to downstairs and then get at least their bed upstaris so that they can go to bed when brother gets home after midnight. I think dad's staying there so he can take the kids outside to play while we're packing/moving/unpacking/situating stuff.

We're going to be situating stuff for the next week or two probably. Oh yeah. And during all of this, brother and Corie have to try to get Ryan and Thomas ready to start Kindergarten. They'll start the 19th or 21st, depending on which elementary they go to. I don't know why one has a different start datte than the other two. Or if they all start on the 21st. They missed the screening, so they have to work that out with the district. Actually, I think they can't start until the 22nd. I think they're physical is the 21st. And they can't start until a day after they get the papers all turned in. So, kid-wise, it's going to be a busy couple weeks.

Aaaaaaand the stupid cable company decided they can't get the cable/internet/phone turned on over there until the 12th. So after today I'll be out of cantact for nearly a week. At least it'll give me time to find a computer desk.

And I haven't been sleeping well, or much, in the past week. So I'm dead on my feet as it is. I think this weekend I'm going to bed early and waking up as late as possible. I wish we had some coffee.

*turns out he won't be picking up the fridge, it's getting delivered, so that gives us more time to move stuff. yay.
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Just wondering who has what messengers and when they use them. I'm usually bored part of the day during the week and talking to someone would be kind of nice. I have the following and can/could log in to them. If I remember. LOL.

Yahoo: domino43
AIM: ghlvr1
MSN/Windows Live:
Google Talk: domino43
MySpace: domino43

If you'd like to add me, that'd be great. I'll finally have some friends. :p If you do, let me know which messenger and your ID and when you're usually on (specify time zone so I know in mine. Wouldn't want to miss you!) I'm not usually on until after 12:00pm EST, but I am usually on until 2:00am EST.

I'll screen comments in case no one wants others to see their messenger ID's.
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I've just seen the non-TV edit of Maybe Baby earlier today. Finally. I didn't realize that there was so much unclothed/shagging Hugh in it! Such a different story with all the bits. When they show it on TV, the few times I've seen it anyway, they completely cut out the part where Lucy has the little fling with Carl. Lucy and Sam talking about her maybe having been pregnant in the car makes SOOOO much more sense now.

And I just love that Sam's guilt and the stress it's causing brings on his Psoriasis. Classic. And, omg, that scalp and behind the ear stuff is horrid. Hate it. For most people, that's just a little bit that is fairly inconsequential and is just a vehicle to show that he actually feels bad about not telling Lucy what he's doing. For me, I know that feeling. I know how awful it can be. So freaking itchy. (In fact, just seeing him itch on-screen makes every tiny bit of Psoriasis on my body, especially my scalp, itch like you wouldn't believe.) It would drive me (and does sometimes) to distraction. I'm half surprised he could finish his script with that popping up suddenly. But then it wasn't really noticeable. And I love his one line about it, "The cruelest aspect of an incurable condition is that everybody knows a cure." It's funny because it's so true. You wouldn't believe the crazy things I've heard. Heck, even the crazy things doctor's put me through when I was a kid. Okay, enough off topic rambling.

The only thing I've been able to think since the first time I caught a piece of this movie on TV, which was only cemented by the viewing of the uncut movie, is that Hugh is just... beyond absolutely gorgeous. And that accent. *dreamy sigh* Although, now I keep thinking in that accent. I can't decide whether that's good or bad. I guess it doesn't make a difference, as long as I don't start speaking in an accent. That would be classic me. LOL

And another little bit about Hugh. I was looking at some pics of him online today. And while I still think he was gorgeous back in the day, I don't think he hit his peak until the late 90s. I think he's one of those guys that just gets better with age.


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