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Let's do this one a little differently and see how it works out...

Okay, let's see. I've read 50/64 of the V.C. Andrews books. 2-3 weeks of books left to read and about a month and a half left of the year. I think I made pretty good time. And speaking of books, I am dingy. When I went to my appointment, I took the last two books I had just finished so I could take them back and pick up the next 9. I got there and turned off the car and then realized, "It's noon and there are only 2 cars here... *facepalm* It's Veteran's Day! They're closed today." So I had to drive around the block to drop the books in the after-hours drop box.

Like I said before, the Dr. doubled my MTX from 6.25mg to 12.5mg. It was such a small dose before I really didn't feel it, but this time It really stung and actually kind of hurt for a few minutes. It's so thick, too. I am definitely NOT looking forward to getting these shots now every week. *meep* With the increase, he's hoping I see some improvement quicker. Haven't seen any yet. Most people seem to say it takes about 12 weeks to see any real results, so I'm about halfway there.
Also, since I got back on my Prednisone (didn't have the money to get it for a couple weeks), I feel a little better. Pain has already gone down a tiny bit. Hopefully in a few more days it will be even better. I need to get a refill as soon as dad gets paid, though.

Also, as I said before, Corie has Mono. Still can't figure out where she got it, but she does. So, I'll be here a few days to help out until the fatigue starts wearing off a bit and she feels up to it. The kids seem like they should be okay. They haven't been too bad lately. We'll see after a few days.

As I said in my mini!post, I've been around (quite a bit, actually), but I just haven't really felt up to posting. There have been so many things I've wanted to say/rant about, but I just didn't feel it. I've been reading and commenting when I had something to say, so I haven't been ignoring you all. Just been kind of blah lately. I think I've been mostly tired.

I wish I had steady internet access/a reliable computer. I kind of wish I was taking part in NaNo. Can you believe I've never NaNo'd? Oh, well. One of these years, I guess. I just want to work on something. I have a couple things I need to finish (anyone remember me mentioning a certain George/Ringo Slash I wanted to write? Well I started it shortly after that, but then got quite stuck. A few weeks ago, I nearly doubled it in length, but it needs more. I just need to figure out a couple transitions and details and I should be able to finish it. Plus, that Kirill-Hans story I mentioned forever and a half ago over at VFB. I have that thing a little over half done and need to finish it, as well. AND I need to finish that Karl/Anita story. *headdesk* So much to write, but not quite enough muse to go around. And nowhere to keep it all in one place. And, and, and...

Okay. I think I'm done for now. Let's see how this post looks when it's posted. Just wanted to do something a little different.
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Just got back from getting my 5th shot. Got a dosage increase. Don't like. :(

Sorry I haven't been updating. I have been commenting here and there, but I just haven't been up to posting lately, even though I've had some stuff to say. I'll be staying here at brother's for a few days though because Corie somehow caught Mono. No one can figure it out since she barely leaves home and none of the kids are sick. I don't know.

Anyway, Connor is harassing me to take him outside for a little bit since brother took Corie to a Dr.s appointment. Guess I should do that b/4 the other two get home. I'll update a little more properly later. Either today or tomorrow.
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Yesterday Corie asked me if I thought I could make her a Visual Kei Mask. I said I could and asked which type she wanted. She described it and gave me on old shirt that's too small for her now. I grabbed my scissors, needles and thread and began to get creative. Here is the result of a couple hours of designing, cutting and hand-stitching.

When I was done she was all, "WOW! You can make stuff! You should make those and sell them." It's a thought.
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Okay, since my last little rant I feel a bit better. I think my complaining and frustration was partly because I was/am in pain, just generally don't feel good and was just frustrated at Corie. When she gets frustrated she whines and complains and yells and blames everyone (read:me) about even the tiniest things, like having to do dishes. She has it decided in her head that even though she's mom and doesn't have a paying job out of the house, it's still not fair that the only things she has to do around the house are dishes (not many since she insists we use foam/paper plates) and clean the kitchen. Somehow that's unfair to her. I don't get it. But it makes sense to her and that's all she cares about. Even if the rest of us don't understand. She gets mad if we point out that it doesn't make sense. And since a lot of the time all I do is listen to her complain, I get frustrated. And that causes fights because i question her and she thinks no one should question her.

I know I shouldn't really feel like any of this is my fault, but I wasn't really in a great mood. That made me more easily frustrated. I don't know. I think their trip to Chicago will be good. I'll be rid of her and she'll be rid of me. And afterward, when I have a little money, I'll be going to the movies. I plan on seeing Star Trek and X-men Origins:Wolverine.

The side effects of my antibiotics are starting already. I just hope my stomach-ache doesn't get as bad as last time. So far nothing too bad, so... Keeping my fingers crossed.

That's about all for now. I guess I should actually pay attention to the epis of house I'm watching right now, huh?
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for about a week now. The kids were on spring break and brother has been working 7 days a week so I haven't had a lot of time online. I can pretty much keep up reading, but not post when I want to. Hopefully soon that will change. Brother and Corie are going to Chicago in 3 weeks and I told dad that I ant the comp set up down here before they leave. Brother has it up in their room, but I need dad's computer desk before he can bring it down. Dad got rid of the nice big office desk it was on.

Busy week last week. Like I said, kids were home and didn't go back to school until the 14th. Three obnoxious boys at home all the time = very little sleep for me. Not to mention Easter. Apparently, Easter is Thomas' fave holiday. The whole week they had off school, every single day, he'd ask if it was Easter yet. Easter day was no fun. Mostly because when I was changing the bandage on my toe, I noticed that something just wasn't right. I called my dad down to look at it and he said it looked discolored and I should probably go into the ER and get it checked out as that's how Uncle had lost his foot. One day he went into the Dr. with a slightly discolored toe, they waited 3 days for it to heal and the next thing you know, he's had to get half his foot lopped off. Yeah. Needless to say, that didn't make me too confident. Then when I was putting on my shoes and Corie was coming down the stairs she's all, "Are you going somewhere?" I tell her where and why. [very put out] "I guess we'll have to take the kids with us to the store then..." [/very put out] Thanks for the concern.

Spent a good 2 1/2 hours in the ER, saw one of the few competent docs there. I have, yet another, serious infection. When she told me they "don't do anything for toe's here, unless it's a fracture", I got the idea it's policy for them to just tell you to see a specialist. And why not. All the ones they suggest you see have offices in the hospital. Anyway, she had the nurse take a culture then scrub and soak my foot, which is more than any of the others had done. She then prescribed me 2 antibiotics and Vicodin. Dad picked up the antibiotics but not the Vic. If it doesn't stop hurting like this soon, though, I may see if him or brother will get it for me when they get paid.

Came home and everyone else was gone. They pulled in a couple minutes later. "We're gonna take the kids to town and spend some time with them." Big surprise, since Easter dinner had yet to be started! So, in pain and infected me and dad had to do most of the dinner ourselves. Oh, and just a little before the stuff we did was ready they came home. "Oh, we have to go back to town because we forget (a), (b) and (c) for dinner. We'll be back soon." 2 hours later and a phone call to do one of her dishes later they come strolling in. Yeah, thanks. No, I'll live and yes, I still have my foot...for now. Thanks for the concern, you guys.

And since Sunday and the doc (one whom Corie trusts as well) said I have to try to stay off my foot as much as possible until the infection gets much better, things have been tense. Monday she did the laundry (usually my job) and put away 1 barely full basket of the kids' clothes and had a fit about it. Then last night or this morning she says "I've been doing everything..." FOR 2 DAYS! Get off your high horse and accept the fact that someone else needs your help for once. God forbid anything should make her life any harder or inconvenience her at all.

And now they're home and I'll have to get off here. Guess I'll have to finish this rant and the other stuff I wanted to say later. As usual. *sigh*
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Sorry I haven't been back online. The internet has been back on since August 12th, but no one will help me finish clearing out my room so I can get my computer set up. They outright refuse.

Everything else is crap. I keep getting yelled at for things that I say. Completely innocent comments. And I actually got told I'm not allowed to go anywhere or do anything. Yes, at almost 28, I get told I have to stay here all the time just because I have no money (not totally my fault) and no car (again, not my fault). I'm stuck here with kids 24/7 and am not allowed a break. One of these days I'm going to take off without saying anything so people have to deal with their own kids and will realize how much I actually do. Maybe I'll get the appreciation I deserve if I leave for a week or two. Yeah, and I got told that I do nothing. Exactly. Oh, and I better make sure Corie doesn't find out about this entry. I also got told I couldn't talk about things that happen here to other people.

Anyway, I swiped dad's comp and internet to check my email, but it won't let me log in. And when I try to reset the password it says I can't reset my password online... O.o Huh?

I should get going and try to check my email again. Besides, dad is going to want his computer back any minute I'm sure. Hopefully I can get some help soon (HA! Fat chance)and can get the comp set up.


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