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As part of this BzzCampaign, I got a coupon for one free Meijer Gallery Wrapped Canvas. I've been fairly obsessed with the idea of photo canvasses lately, so I was really excited for this campaign.

I decided to use my free Meijer Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print as a gift for my mom for Christmas.

I took a picture of my brother and his family. My brother took the camera card in to Meijer on his way to work the next day. He said it was a fairly quick and easy process.

The next day, I went to Meijer with my coupon and picked it up. I like that it was only a one day wait to get it. I was impressed with the quality. It was a nice sturdy frame and a clear, crisp print of my picture.

When my mom opened it on Christmas day, she loved it so much, she almost started crying.

The only thing I didn't really like is that the canvas is a little pricey. At $39.99, I can't really see anyone buying one very often. Maybe as a once a year thing. If they were even a little cheaper I might buy them much more often.


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