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I signed up for this BzzCampaign wondering if Dakota would even eat the food. She can be kind of picky when it comes to her food, so I was crossing my fingers on this one.

When I got the food, she was reluctant to try it. I had to hand feed her the first few bites. After she got a taste, she went to town on the food I put in font of her. After she finished it, she frantically sniffed the floor, trying to find some more. I have to admit, I gave her another handful. For the next few days, she gobbled the food up as soon as it was set in front of her. I was happy she liked it so much.

Well, in the last couple days, she hasn't been gobbling it up so readily. In fact, she'll let it sit there until she's just too hungry to ignore it. I don't know if she gt tired of it, or if she's just mad that she hasn't been getting her wet food lately and just being the usual picky princess diva she usually is. I'm going to try hand feeding her tomorrow and seeing how she does with it, but I have a feeling she'll be wolfing it down again in a few days time. Especially if she gets some wet food before then.
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